7 Quick Takes Friday 4/25/2014



Another busy week here… and another short one for Kalila.  No school today… Spent the day running errands and stuff and just had fun.


Don’t think I mentioned it when it happened, but I won the raffle (again) at IFF this year.  This time it was a bed and breakfast stay.. which is exactly what we were talking about doing for our anniversary.  Perfect timing :-)  I made the reservation yesterday (why I’m thinking of it now) and we’re looking forward to it.


We had a feeling ZJ had a growth spurt recently… and taking him to get shoes last weekend proved it. He jumped 2 sizes lol. No wonder he was refusing to wear them.


Kieran Keiran Kieran…

This little boy I swear…  He’s started saying things like “mine” and “I don’t wanna”.  He’s joined in on the Doctor Who frenzy… he made his own sonic screwdriver (ZJ progressed from the wood block to a tube from a flashlight he took apart, Kieran did the same with a pen) and runs around pointing it and making the sound. He climbs on everything. Has been walking into the school playground with us. Holds our hands. Etc. Too much Buddy.


Easter was great.  Kids had a blast. I got some cute pics.


ZJ decided to include Charlie in his games this week too. She is now K9 lol.  I need to get video’s of this whole thing… he cracks me up. I’m just glad he’s letting me get more pictures lately though.


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7 Quick Takes Friday 4/18/2014



Oops posting a little late, but didn’t forget. Today (yesterday)’s been as busy as the rest of the week.  Finally got some of the stuff we’d planned to get out of the house actually out of the house. Now to get the rest done…

I guess it works out anyway since tech there’s no 7 takes today (after I type this all up lol). Makes sense with it being (was) Good Friday, but oh well.


Monday was my b’day… We celebrated last weekend.. went out for sushi and sent the kids to my MIL’s.  Went looking for my “present” too but no luck. All I wanted was to replace my Tech shirt, but try to do that here lol. Finally just ordered it online.

Other big thing that day (bigger really) was finally making a long overdue phone call. Timing was a coincidence… The boys just happened to go to sleep at the same time and give me a chance to make it. I’m still kicking myself for taking so long to do it.. more so after finding out I’d had the number all along (packed in a box in an old planner).  Still, glad I did…


Have I already mentioned replacing the truck? We had a nice surprise this weekend when we realized we can (barely) fit all 3 car seats in the back. The kids absolutely love it… mostly because they’re all together.  We do too though.


ZJ has decided Dr Who is his latest fav show/game to play.  Lately he’s been the 9th dr, but he regenerated today (in honor of Tennant’s b’day maybe?) LOL.  He uses a cylinder wood block for a screwdriver too. And has to wear his jacket when he’s playing. It is stinking adorable. Before Kalila was initiating it, but lately its all him… and he’s randomly asking to watch it instead of cartoons.


Kieran is doing great with sleeping in his bed. He’s even putting himself down. Its adorable.


I decided to make chicken tacos the other day… They didn’t even come close to what I wanted, but Kalila loved them.. Ate 7 and 3 helpings of rice. I don’t think I’m gonna have any complaints about playing with th recipe.


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MPM 14 April – 20 April (Holy Week)


Back “home” (have been for almost a week, just no time) and getting back on track. Sorry for lack of links, I’m not searching them out right now. The first happened to be up for obvious reasons.

Monday –  Pork a la Gloria *altered recipe

Tuesday – Samosas

Wednesday – Chicken Tacos

Thursday – Beef and Guiness

Friday – (l) Cheese Enchiladas (d) Catfish

Saturday – Chicken Kabobs

Sunday – Easter

7 Quick Takes Friday 4/4/2014




Work finally started at the house… I debated what to say about that (or if I should at all) for awhile, but really… I don’t see how it’d be an issue. Yes we’re “out” for the week, but it’s nowhere near empty… More occupied (and for a longer time) than it is normally so there ya go.  The kids are loving the motel stay. I’m… Well I’m getting more sleep LOL.  I have a lot I need to be doing that I can’t, so that’s driving me a little crazy… But overall it is a bit of a break.


IFF is tomorrow! Eek!

Seriously though I am looking forward to it.


Jason and Kalila were in a car accident on Monday. They are ok. Truck totaled. Insurance a pain. Horrible timing obviously. But very thankful that no one was hurt.


My phone died again.. Taking it in tomorrow. So annoyed over the whole thing. It never happens when I don’t really need it.


Don’t want to go into too many details on this one, but could use prayers on the job situation. We’re waiting for news.


Kalila lost another tooth. She’s so excited about the whole thing. Unfortunately the tooth fairy has been slipping this time around with everything going on. Oops.


And the pics

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7 Quick Takes Friday 3/28/2014




No MPM this week… turned into a good thing.  Work on the house was pushed back again, and the last half was geared towards that.  I’ve managed to somewhat stick to what I had planned though and figuring out how to adjust this last bit hasn’t been too bad.


Went looking in my jewelry box Weds night for something and realized something totally different was missing. My cross.  The one my Godparents gave me when I was Baptized. I could have sworn it was in there and panicked when I couldn’t find it. Went over that box at least 3 times. Looked in Baba’s. Looked in my older ones that had most taken out of. Even pulled out the one with our rings to see if it was in there.  Finally called it a night, lit my St. Anthony candle, said a prayer and went to bed. Thurs I did that all again plus pulled everything from the bathroom cabinet where I used to keep the jewelry boxes.  Decided to look in one of the old ones one more time before bed and found it mixed in/tangled up with some others I’d planned to get rid of when I have time to go through them.

So thankful I found it…


Time change is STILL getting to me. We need to stop this.  Or at the very least never do it during spring break again. Bad bad idea.


Kalila has started playing Mario Cart the past few weeks.  She is hilarious…  Starting to really get the hang of it, but dear Lord she sounds like Baba. The whole thing cracks me up.


The boys are both growing like crazy lately.  ZJ looks like the 4year old he’s about to be. Keiran went from a size 3 shoe to a size 5 in the last two or three weeks.  Makes me glad we weren’t able to find any “his size” when we looked.


Mama Lynn wrote a book.  A Light in Africa.

One of my Mission Moshi friends mentioned it on FB and I immediately had to get it. I’m so glad I did.  I was right, it was hard to read in places. I recognize a good number of the stories. Some from her telling us in person. Others from meeting that particular child or person. Others from keeping up with her blog (which I try to do… usually means reading in spurts months or longer apart).  Made me teary more than once. Made me laugh a few times too… I could just hear Mama Lynn.

I definitely recommend it. She’s an amazing woman with some amazing stories.



Circle School: Big Give, Whole Foods & IFF

I know at some point or another I’ve mentioned my daughters school.  I can’t remember how much I’ve said about it, and not really going to go looking at the moment lol. That said.. my daughter goes to the Circle School.  It is a private co-op school here in SA. We absolutely love it there… for so many reasons.

Anyways, point of all this is that we have three fundraisers going right now.

The first is incredibly easy and I would appreciate any and all help we can get with it.

Big Give SA.

Right now there is a video contest going on with Big Give SA.  Several parents got together and made this really cute video for it.. They did a wonderful job.  And there are two ways for us to win this one.

1.  You Tube views.  Please watch and like on YouTube.  Easy.


2.  This one is a little more complicated… and again thank you Laira for your pictures here :-). Way easier to explain this way.

Head over to this post on Facebook:


Yes I linked it ;-)

That’s not where you need to like though.  Scroll through the comments on there and like this post by Maray:


I cannot link this one unfortunately. Or I would. We are very close to being in the lead on this one last I heard.

Whole Foods


I don’t think that one needs any explaining lol   If you’re in town and need groceries please keep this in mind.  We don’t normally shop there, but making an exception that day.

And IFF… International Food Festival.


April 5th.  This one is a lot of fun. There will be lots of good food, entertainment, silent auction, etc.  If you’re in town please come/let me know if you need tickets.

On top of that we are still looking for silent auction items.

I think that’s it.. for now anyway.  :-).

MPM 17 March – 23 March: Lent & Irish Week


Eeee my favourite menu post of the year ;-) Although it’s going to be split into two now that we’ve decided to do the same for St Andrews Day in November w/ Scottish food… not sure why we haven’t been already.

I decided to get a head start this year and made today’s lunch last night.  Mostly because I wanted Kalila to have it for lunch too.


Most of the week will be leftovers for lunches. I really doubt we’ll need to make something else for any, but I did make sure we have the stuff for beans on toast or chips sambo just in case.

Note: Most of my recipes are coming from “Traditional Irish Cookery” by Carmel Kavenagh this year… with a few exceptions. I will still link what I can find though. Anything w/ an asterisks I’m using the online link (there are more than I thought) the rest are from the cookbook. Unfortunately I couldn’t find some of my favourites from there…

 Anyways, Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Happy St. Patricks Day!


Minced beef & Mushroom Pie


Potato Stuffed Chicken with Green Beans


Beef w/ Guinness & Boiled Potatoes


Bangers & Mash*

Bubble & Squeak*


Potato & Leek Soup*

Fish Cobbler with Colcannon


Grilled Pork Chops*

Dublin Coddle*


Limerick Style Ham in Cider, Potatoes & Peas