7 Quick Takes Friday 2/28/2014




I know, I know.. No posts lately.  Thing’s have been weird around here.  Two weeks ago (and possibly the one before that) I just didn’t have time.  But last week I just had no clue how to do them with what all is going on (or not going on) around here.  Basically waiting on when work is going to start here… The latest timing on it might actually be for the best, but still hard on sticking to anything.


Baba has been on a diff schedule at work for the last two weeks. Today is his last day on it and I’m not sure which one of us is happier about that. I might just bake a cake or something tonight lol


My new carrier came in yesterday.  Yes I am way too excited about it.  Absolutely love the thing.



Kalila had her first after school class this week.  She loved it and has been talking about it all week.  She did complain about the episode they watched being in black and white though lol. Apparently black and white “hurts her eyes”.

She’s all kinds of excited that they have started reading the second Harry Potter book in her class (as of yesterday).



ZJ is continuing to talk more and more.  Several theories floating around on the Subject but either way it’s a huge relief. I wasn’t worried about that as much as the other stuff – he did talk quite a bit around us and it wasn’t noticeably an “issue” until he took off with it.

He has, however, been very clingy to me the past few days.  Not a problem really, not upset or anything, just wanting to spend more time with me… mostly on my lap or being held.  He’s still playing with the other two and running around most of the day though.

The kids have been running around pretending to be Rose and the Doctor all week right… Well, the other day I asked ZJ which one he was and at first he said 11. No surprise there, he’s been his fav pretty much from the first time he saw him. Well Kalila started arguing that he’s 9 and he changed his mind and said no, 6.  Totally random he’s never seen 6.  Since then he’s decided that Keiran is 4, Baba is 9 and that I’m Donna lol


Keiran is running around being a cutie. As usual. Lately he’s been shaking his finger at me saying no no (not sure where he got it from,  don’t do that) and grabbing my face from on my back and pulling me around to say hello (he says hello). Loving on Baba a ton… the past two nights he’s gotten up and sat with him a bit, cuddled and stuff. Just too cute.

He is throwing more fits lately too.  Unfortunately they’re cute one’s  :-/


And the pictures… haven’t taken many lately.

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7 Quick Takes Friday 2/7/2014




Seriously? We have an 18 month old now? I suppose it makes sense…  He is acting like an 18 month old now. Running and climbing and singing and playing and annoying his siblings… LoL.


Kalila is a very happy little girl right now.  She just signed up for one of the after school classes that start later this month. She’s taking the one on Doctor Who (of course).  She’s only seen a few of the new ones (more Classic) so I started rewatching them with her a couple days ago. ZJ wanted in and they’re having a blast. I’m definitely not complaining either :-D


Wow… So I had this all typed up and ready to go (if late) and lost everything here and below.  Not sure I even want to attempt tryin to get it back…


Something something about missing my college reunion this weekend.  Baba and I started talking about it yesterday wondering when it was exactly. I had a feeling it was around homecoming/masterfollies and sometime this month. Not a pleasant surprise that it was the same day and I hadn’t heard anything before.


ZJ decided he wanted his hair cut yesterday…  He looks so different, I’m not used to it at all.  He started wiggling at the end so its shorter and patchier than it should be, but as fast as it grows not gonna worry about that.


… Cute kid moments as always. Kalila tried to levitate something the other night (Harry Potter)… we heard her yell out “wingardium leviousa!”.  Followed by “huh?” when it didn’t work LoL.


Ending with pics as always

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MPM 27 Jan – 2 Feb


Has been way too long since I have posted a menu… I have been making them, have been stickin to them… which is really the important part, but still.  Anyways, because I’m “behind on here” let me catch y’all up.

This is not going to show in this weeks menu (is just a weird week) but we’ve made/been making some diet changes.  Not perfect with it by any stretch, and still adjusting… but I am really enjoying cooking lately. Edit: Week got even weirder and had to completely redo the menu LoL.. blarg

I’ve also added a couple new cookbooks to my shelf, which I suppose is bad for linking here… I’ll try to find online versions when I can though because so far everything I’ve made from them has been amazing.

Monday – Spaghetti (rice pasta/meatless)

Tuesday – Beer Brined Pork Chops, Green Beans & (?) salad

Wednesday – Chicken & Rice Soup

Thursday – Goulash on Mashed Potatoes

Friday – Baked Bacon & Tilapia (recipe from Celtic Folklore Cooking, link is to one that is very close)

Saturday - L – Salad w/ chicken.   D – Goat Casserole

Sunday – Chicken & Leek Pie (from Traditional Irish Cookery, link is similar)

7 Quick Takes Friday 1/24/14




Not really sure where to start after all this time…

Part of me was/is just done with the blog, but I miss writing and the MPM posts… esp the MPM posts.  So I’m going to try to keep up with them and (maybe) this at the very least. We’ll see. I’m not promising anything…


This is kinda old, but since I left it there… ZJ is doing a lot better.  He had viral meningitis… caused by a respiratory infection. Had a cold and middle ear infection too.  We made it out of the hospital almost a week after he went in. He’s had a bit of a hard time since, even less social than before… but we’re seeing improvement. So thankful he’s ok…


Kalila is back in school, although they have a “snow day” today.  She was really confused by that at first, but is enjoying playing with her brothers now.


Keiran… is 17 months old now.  It has flown LOL.  He’s starting to talk more… There’s still a lot of baby talk, but we’re hearing more phrases and stuff too.  His favorite word lately has been yes. And of course he’s running around getting into all sorts of… fun? He likes to climb up on ZJ’s bed and play… and yesterday put himself down for a nap on there.


Baba is doing well. Working. His schedule changed and we’re very happy about it.


And me… I’m here LOL.  Not a lot I can say really though, because its pretty much the same thing every day… up, get kids ready, K to school, home, food, clean, food, food, help Baba get ready, clean, pick up K, food, homework, food, clean  – crash… with diaper changes and nursing thrown in as needed. I haven’t worked on my BAI stuff in what seems like forever…

Not complaining though it hasn’t been bad (although technically the van door falling off and me twisting my ankle when I caught it probably does qualify).  I love cooking, esp right now since we’re changing a lot of how we do that and I’m really having fun with it again… and cleaning/organizing even if it annoys me in this particular circumstance. And of course there are so many cute moments with the kids…


Ending with pics as always


1526497_10153623853435103_1802680286_n 1526615_10153598056845103_451517184_n 1510447_10153596804230103_2097499160_n1471193_10153623898670103_1192694133_n


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Mostly ZJ

I’ve been trying to get to this for days and failing. If you’re on my (or Jas) FB page feel free to ignore this… its nothing new. I know a few people aren’t though, so here we are…

Long story short ZJ is in the hospital (has been since Friday). He has meningitis. We do not know which kind yet… He’s on antibiotics, running tests, etc.

Not so sh0rt version he started acting off a week ago Thurs.  When Baba was getting ready to leave for work he said his neck hurt and when we asked said he couldn’t move it. We called the pedi and was told they were full, but we could either take him in te next morning when we went for dentist (same office) or go to urgent care.  I wish we’d done the first… but we went into urgent care. They checked his ears and did flu and strep tests. All neg of course.  Then he threw a massive fit on the floor in front of two dr’s and they laughed and said no kid with meningitis could move that way…  Said it was prob a random virus, go home and rest.  Keep doing what we were.

Sunday he seemed like he was doing better.  Monday and Tues still sleeping a lot and complaining of headache. He’d have moments he was almost normal though. Weds he got a fever and we made another appointment. That night his fever spiked an when it dropped he was running around playing happily and I thought we might get to cancel. Thurs he was still sleepin and hurting though so we decided either way we’re going in.

Friday went in… Dr A  took another flu and strep test and blood work.  High white count = straight to ER…  Third flu test was neg. Finally they did spinal tap..

SInce then he’s seen a cardiologist, had chest xrays, CT, and was on way to MRI last I heard.  First ones all looked good…  and h’s still hanging in there.  Not happy about the dr’s and meds and stuff… but having good moments too.  Enjoyed watching movies yesterday and was laughing and everything.

Baba and I are switching out at the hospital.  Kalila misses her brother like crazy. He misses her and Kieran too… They got to see him for a bit yesterday but its hard having them in the room.

Beyond that… Kalila had a Christmas pageant. It was really cute… Taking her and K e I r a n by myself was just as bad as I expected, no.. no it was worse… (her massive freak out over leaving to change a diaper was probably the worst one we’ve had… at entirely at the wrong time) but I’m glad we went.

Happy Thanksgiving

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  Ours was fun, but going to back up a few days here…

We finally made it to Van Horn!

Trip was planned for last Friday. Baba took off two days so we could have a nice long visit. Original plan was to go strictly to VH and meet up with a couple people on the way hopefully.  Then the day before/day of? Not really sure… my sister said something about us meeting up with her in Midland… we pulled out our phones, looked at the routes again and decided to swing by on the way back….

And then we left.

It was cold, we expected that… but then we got in to FS later than expected and Grandpa said to check and see if the roads were closed. They weren’t and we went on just being extra careful…  We got about 35 miles out and everything was stopped.  A truck jackknifed about 10 or so miles outside of town and it was backed up well past where we were.  We were stuck there for 4 hours…. Absolutely miserable. Really all I can say about that. It was horrible.

But we made it in and had a great if icy/snowy weekend.

It was nice seeing my dad. The kids had a blast. We all enjoyed his cooking (I love my dad’s cooking lol).  And of course the kids were just thrilled with the weather. Baba was thrilled with the weather… But because it was so bad we were afraid we might get stuck an extra day and cancelled Midland.  And then when it was clear we weren’t we debated going and changed our minds several times up until we were on our way.

Coming home wasn’t as bad thankfully. Roads were clear. We didn’t go to Midland… Still kinda sad about that, but we needed to make it back here at that point.

Tues and Weds flew by and I couldn’t believe it was/is Thurs already.

We got up and had a nice brunch with my MIL and then off to see my FIL’s side for basically everything else. Was  a lot of fun… I’m exhausted though… making myself write now though because I know I won’t if I don’t.  I’d add pics but I don’t have them on here yet so… sorry. They’re on FB. Or will be.