Downstairs & Genetics

Ok, so yet again I’ve had this crazy week of freaking out over things that I probably didn’t need to do so over. Ok, I take that back… I had every right!  The apartment drama has continued on, of course, and I got more worried each day.  My mom (the first one) was calling and harrassing me about it. The other two parents were thankfully a lot more quiet about it: didn’t ask, supportive when I brought it up… so that was a good thing. My boss was worse than the abovementioned mom… & I had to deal with her more too. I didn’t see much of my roomie, so thankfully there hasn’t been another comment about how I wasn’t going be able to get on a lease for the 3x’s rent thing – that once had me worried enough… you know I hadn’t forgotten it since it was made. Jason & Sally (sp?) helped alot.. But… that wasn’t all that went on…

My boss talked me into going to see a dr on Thurs… just to make sure everything’s ok. Because I have trouble gaining weight & being hypoglycemic he wanted to test me for sprue… Ok, so I thought I’d heard of it pero wasn’t sure from where.. He goes on to say that if that’s what I have, can be completely turned around with a simple diet.  Sounds good right?  OK… so I look it up & find out that yes I had heard of it… my old roomate & friend Amy was misdiagnosed with it a few years ago.. (Turns out she had a simple Afrikan fungus that they didn’t think to check for) Basically it’s a genetic disease where you can’t tolerate ANY wheat products… Ugh…So I’m praying like crazy that I DONT have this thing right? So that was the end of my week up until Sunday… (well, sprue was more focused on Sat & Sun after I found out what it is)

Sunday I get up & go to Church… a little late lol.. stay for coffee & donuts… all the typical Sunday stuff.. and then we go to check out the apartment Sally had lined up for me. & yes, it went well… The 3x’s thing does still apply (even if Jason thought no) pero it’s gross not net…so I have no prob w/ that.. I still have to take one pay stubb (my last one was in diff purse lol) pero basically he said I can move in on Wednesday!  Better yet… it’s a downstairs apt!  No more stairs! Ah life is good…

Today? Well, today started with me being jarred (sp?) awake by my phone… the dr…. I do not have sprue… So other than the fact that I have done virtually no packing (ok, so I’m very good at procrastinating) and get to do that tonight when I want to be watching the Spurs (I wonder if Rach will get mad if I drag my khara into the living room ??? )… everything is good right now.

Well, I’m off now…


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