Pigs Feet & Salad

Ok, so I should have known better.. You’d think something being drilled into me as often as “Don’t eat Mexican food when you cross the Pecos River” was.. it’d stick… pero noooo…. Obviously not.. (ok, so I am stubborn)

Backing up here to last Sunday. I went to Church, spent some time at Jason’s until he got off work & then we went out to eat… We decided on… you got it… Mexican food… We went to Emmy’s… I saw menudo on the menu… Ok, so I love menudo… and it was Sunday… so I got this mental pic of eating at Tony’s with my family… and I just had to order it.  But I’m not completely stupid… I’ve heard of somepeople making it with pigs feet, haven’t ever seen it that way, but I’ve heard of it.  So I asked… “Does the menudo have pork?” The waitress said NO.  She said it was all beef… So I ordered it…  Jason got his food… I got mine… I took a couple bites.. no problems… and then I hit a bone… Now, you know as well as I do (or if not then I’ll tell you) panzas don’t have bones! Slightly disconserned (sp?) I move my spoon around said bone… and pull up a hoof… I have never been so disgusted in my life… Better yet… the waitress comes up, seeing that I have set my “food” aside.. and asks what the prob is… I pull up the offending piece of “meat” and said I thought there was no pork in it.. and she replied “Well, it’s not cooked together.. we throw it in afterwards!”  Umm… yeah…. doesn’t help. I really try not to pull the whole “I don’t eat pork, or anything touching it” thing… at least not in a restraunt. (Family who know better, whole diff story – pet peeve about respecting my feelings, right up there with the name thing) But yeah….

So you’d think I’d have gotten the clue last week right? Wrong… today I was going to take lunch to work, pero overslept… So I decided to grab a burrito at the restraunt next door to the bookstore… They can’t mess up a bbq burrito right? WRONG… The meat was dry, bad enough… but they put salad on it.. lettuce.. carrots.. tomatoes… cheese… dry chedder cheese at that..  and a random leaf.. a whole one… I get that it was a herb.. I use them myself… but not in brisket.. There was more rabbit food than meat… (not that there is anything wrong with any of those, I like them when they are where they are supposed to be, which is NOT on my burrito!) it was gross…. very gross…. but not as gross as the pigs foot… I’m still shuddering over that one…. I so need a blender…….


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