Its Nice to Have a Guy Around

Somehow or another the impossible happened today… Jason & I both had the day off!  It was great…

We had already planned to go run errands when he got off – he’s such a sweetie about that.  So we took off this morning to put my check in the bank, grab some lunch, go by the post office & groceries…

Other than my ex randomly calling in the middle of lunch (and that wasn’t that bad… we’re friends still… it was just akward timing lol) it was pretty uneventful. We had fun… but nada exciting happened… And then we got home…

So the truck is loaded w/ groceries right?  Jason sends me w/ the eggs & the keys to open the door… I put them away & start to go back to help… & I see him LOADED DOWN…. w/ 30 bags of groceries… running, trying not to drop anything… I wish I had the camera…. I so would have put that pic on here….


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