Ok… So I’m annoyed to begin w/ – start a blog & then lose it all? What is up w/ that???

Neways, to make a long story short… today’s been the day from hell – or at least Ft. Stockton..

It could have had potential… I mean, being a holiday, we got off early… by an hour… which was great. Plus I got to see Jason, went & had dinner w/ him & his mom…

But no… Let me back up to this morning, so you can get the full picture of why I’m a tad upset here.

I start on my way to work… not so bad even if it’s muggy & gross right? I’m walking down Wurzbach (sp?) and some creepy guy tries to pick me up! I say no & keep walking trying to ignore him… and he keeps asking… slowly following me! Luckily he drove off.. pero it creeped me out.

I make it to work.. find out we closed early, so was in a pretty good mood… & then “Mother Teresa” shows up! I don’t think I’ve introduced you to her… She’s the crazy lady that thinks she’s getting married to Pope Paul V… oh & she’s “pregnant” too… w/ twins…. a boy & a girl… “God told her”… Ok, so she makes us laugh… is worrysome… but makes us laugh… pero today she made some comment about Robert giving her the tiara she wants (for the wedding)as a gift, and said she’d be back after we closed…she repeated that part a couple times… & then she called later & told him that everything in the store is hers… We’ve kept an eye on her anyway… just cause you never know.. but it’s getting worse. Still, we laugh it off afterwards cause what else are you going to do when someone is planning their wedding to a dead pope? (Although I loved the day she came in & had me set some rings aside for him to try on… I’m still waiting for him to come in… I’ve never met a pope before!)

Nada else happened at work.. was really really slow. Went to Jason’s… dinner was good… We watched the producers, which cracks me up… pero it seems I forgot to turn my phone back on.. Not htat it would matter as I had it inside my purse… in Jason’s room upstairs.

I get back here & pull out my phone. My mother called me THREE times – in less than an hour – and left messages for every one of those calls saying that it was important that I call her back. As if once isn’t enough. By the third one she’s frantic saying how worried she is about me. GOOD GRIEF.. I don’t live here sitting looking at my phone!  Sometimes I do other things…

And what was so important? My aunt & uncle came by to tell her about my cousin’s wedding reception… that I have already heard about… and still can’t go!  I already feel bad about the fact that I missed his wedding… Lets just rub it in my face that I can’t even go the freaking reception!  & she knew that too… “well they’re gonna have it at the hog barn” (or whatever) THANK YOU FOR TELLING ME IT’S RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET FROM YOUR HOUSE… As if that’s going to make me want to pack up my khara & move back in. I’m sorry no. I have to fight to get a stinkng day off when I want as it is… my boss just about killed me over folklife & I told her about it a year before hand… She wouldn’t give me last Saturday for the wedding (and even if she did …I couldn’t get to Lousiana) and she won’t let me have this one for the reception even if it is in Midland – esp. since I asked for the next weekend off ages ago for the stupid reunion… which don’t get me wrong I’m looking fwd too… pero still… I would like to see Gigin… not to mention the rest of my baba’s family. Havn’t in ages… So lets just rub it in my face…

And now I can’t get to sleep… and I have to work in the morning so I really need too…

Neways, I’m off….


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