I Can’t Complain

Hey… So today started off just like that childrens book… What is it, awful terrible no good day… or something like that ??? Anyways, it got off to a horrid start… It’s just been one of those weeks I suppose lol.

I got to work, no problem. About 15 min or so early… I sit my tako down & wait for Robert to get there. A coworker showed up…then one customer… then another.. At this point we call the other store to see what’s up. He had car problems… Danielle is on the way.  Joy.

So 30 min after we were supposed to open, we did. Now, the first customer had a dying mother in the hospital… she needed a rosary… Finally, ML gave her one of her own so she could go.  The poor lady was distraught & needed to leave. This was just before Danielle got there. ML told her what happened, or tried to, but D flew off the handle at her about how it wasn’t her problem… That’s about when I realized it was going to be a bad day.

So we open up & the other customers that were waiting (it turned out to be a van full) file in. D being D was marching around griping at all of us – rather loudly. We bring in the stuff to be integrated & I find out that she doesn’t remember me asking about having next weekend off for the reunion & R didn’t remind her!  So I may not get it…. (oh, I’d better…) She said she’d try to work w/ me over it though… so I’m hoping..  Then one of those customers was a nun… a pushy one at that… she got behind the counter where she’s not supposed to go & was grabbing at Crucifixes on the wall… & of course doesn’t listen to me when I tell her I can help.. & D goes off about it…. All in all it was just an agrivating morning.

Finally R got there & D left… It wasn’t too bad after that… but I was already annoyed & everything, so little things were getting to me. Finally I got my break… & I txt Jason… Told him what happened… & made a joke about needing chocolate. Usually he txts me back, but I didn’t hear anything (it turns out he did pero I didn’t get it till I got home lol) & forgot about it.

So I’m walking around this afternoon, doing a ticket I’d just rung up… & I hear the door. I turn to greet our customer… get out the hi & realize it’s Jason standing there in his cute little “Kiss me I’m Lebanese” tshirt holding a bag w/ a huge bar of chocolate & a dp – that makes me want to do just that lol.  It just made my whole day better… The choc didn’t hurt either


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