Holy Crap

Well, noone can say working at Christ the King is boring…

I was so excited Friday when I went in because it was my last day of the week… I worked last Monday specifically so I could get this weekend off…

If I thought I’d get off w/out anything crazy happening I was dead wrong. First off Mother Teresa came in… early in day when ML was there! So she finally got to meet her.  She had on a tiara this time.. but was still going on about getting the one we have.  When R came out she’d put on two hats over said tiara… She went on about the Jesus discount & stuff for a bit… and after we ignored her she finally left. I guess I should mention that we’ve gotten to the point that she’s not funny anymore… it’s annoying… Thursday she called 6 times! The police came in at one point too… they said that she bothers them as well, but they can’t do anyting about it. I might have mentioned that before, but I don’t remember.  NEways, she came in agian later that day… At lunch I went to the Chinese restraunt next door… got some hot & sour soup, which I had been told has chicken in it, becuaes too many people can’t do pork… and then found pork in it… unfortunately the hard way… got so sick.  Then another customer came in w/ her mom – who had an accident in the bathroom leaving a raunchy smell throughout the store… About 20 min later she comes back in w/ a bag… & we hear her knock on the bthroom door & call out “mom….”  She’d left her in there!!! We thought thy’d both gone lol.  Thankfully she cleaned up the mess herself.. We were joking about who was going to do so & wehn up until she came back…. it was so bad we couldn’t get near the door… which I suppose is a good thing since the poor lady was still inside.  That was a couple hours before I got off… Finally it was seven… but Jason was late… & Mother Teresa came back… R hadn’t closed the store yet & she went back inside a third time! Then came out & was chatting w/ random people when Jas finally got there… and walked back in as we were driving off… I felt so sorry for R… I can’t remember which time it was, but she said something about Pope Benedict being in town lol… aye aye…

I’ll have to tell ya about my reunion too… was great… but it’ll have to wait! 


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