Turman Reunion

Once agian, Turman’s from all over gathered in Ozona Texas…

Jason & I left here Friday night. We got a late start, and made it in about midnight… which means we were pretty wiped. Got to introduce him & Las first though, so that was cool. I’m not gonna go into much detail other than that though becuase I’ll just get frusterated lol.

Saturday was nice though… Jason made his salad, which was great of course… and we had fun. Thankfully there wasnt’ any “womanless bikini competitions” going on this year… though they did play the dvd lol.. I so want a copy of that!  This year was the “Not so newlywed game”  It was great! All I’m gonna say is eggtimer lol… I’ve never laughed so hard in my life!

I got a ton of pics… Some are up already on my page… but not of the game lol.. I still have to go through those and fig out which one’s I want… I’ll get that done though…

Unfortunately we had to leave that evening so I didn’t get to spend as much time w/ everyone as normal… but it’s ok. I’m looking fwd to next year… And hopefully we didn’t scare Jason too badly

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