Random Thoughts

It wouldn’t let me put it on here (stupid thing really should have a way to put that) but I’m watching the MDA telethon online.  Seems really weird to be here today instead of in Midland where I usually would be.  I wish I could just run down there & stuff…. but yeah….

NEways, even if I can’t go… I’m so glad I’m off today because I think this is the day everything will hit the roof at work.  One boss is divorcing the other, not sure who’ll end up w/ the store… either way we’re getting a new employee (she’s been at the other store for a few weeks) who drives me insane.  I’m so not looking fwd to going in tomarrow.  But since I haven’t found a new job yet.. grrr… Neways, I’ve been hearing about this change for months, was one of the few people who knew it would happen.. .and I really wish I didn’t….  The whole mess just feels dirty.

I’m going to go though, have so much to do it’s not even funny…


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