Breaking My Own Rules

You know… there are some things that I just don’t do.

For instance for as long as I can remember I’ve had this rule for myself – don’t date friend’s exes. Is just a bad idea… A couple years ago I broke that rule… and you can imagine how that landed. (no offense intended Richard)

Another isn’t quite as obvious… just my personal opinion. But I remember someone talking about all this chafu they had collected for their wedding, when htey weren’t even dating anyone yet. Party favours, invites, so on & so forth. I’ll admit it, I’m a girl… I like thinking about weddings… getting ideas for my own one day… but that’s taking it a bit too far.

Well, a few months ago I was at work & I saw something that reminded me of Las & another Amy & from there ideas for bridesmaids gifts just fell into place. Wasn’t planning on it, but its there… One less thing to worry about I suppose.. but no plans to actually get them until it’s time whenever that is right lol.

So then Betsy gets sick….. I go into work yesterday & see hers there and didn’t know what to do. My phone wasn’t working so I didn’t even know what was going on. I got to talk to her mom & sister last night, so I’z feeling a bit better after that. But at the same time I really wanted to get it while I can. So I went in early today & bought it…

I’m not engaged, or even close to it lol.. and I bought a bridesmaids gift. How silly am I?


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