Just My Luck

Ok, so the other day I’m waiting for Jason to get out of class & I get curious. I pick up the “Bad Catholic’s Guide to Good Living” book from my shelf & flip to his birthday, which is coming up… To my suprise there is a feast day there… Viennese Carnival. It goes on to discribe this season in German speaking countries… (quite a funny discription at that… ya really need to read this book..) and how to celebrate it in your home.  Now.. It keeps coming back to Austria… and the celebration involves creating your own empire etc… Now anyone who knows Jason is already chuckling at this.. He went to Austria last summer & absolutely loved it… I thought it was cute & just had to read it to him when he got home.  He got a laugh too….

So after I read that to him… I got another bright idea… Lets see if there’s one on my bday! & suprise agian… There is… Could it be… A Tanzanian festival? The patron saint of players of “lets dodge the mzungu”, pili pili wars, or teachers who sing “Fatha Ibrahim”? No… No… I get the one from the Netherlands… Which yes… I have also been… Ignoring the fact that other than the Amsterdam Airport (which is my fav of all I’ve been in) I detest the place.. It’s still cool… Theres a little pattern going right…. So what was it? A Dutch holiday, carnival or interesting saint (patron of cheese or wooden shoes)? Oh no… I get Blessed Lidwina…. Who… Lets see… Was paralyzed in an ice skating accident, suffered ulcers, insomnia, bedsores, blindness and the black plague! Oh, it gets better… She lived the last nineteen years on nothing but the Eucharist!

Yes… Jason gets a Carnival season that lasts from early November until Ash Weds and I get the Black Plague…


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