Another BM Blog

Ok, so I am miserable right now lol… I can’t seem to breathe lol.

But… Happy too… Two out of three moms have been told.  (Cant tell Rosie until Dad for obvious reasons lol).  Mine… wasn’t surprized whatever that means… jumped right into what are you thinking for wedding plans.  His… was the shocker… happy for us.  It seems she is startng to like me…  Which is good news all around.

NEways, I’m supposed to be getting ready for work right now lol… But instead I’m listening to a podcast of a Crowning (Wedding).. just to get an idea of what the Church part may look like.  I can’t help it I’m curious.  Is kinda hard to think about everything w/ out knowing.. is like there’s a hole in my planning here lol.  All I know is the whole thing of we get crowned at one point…. I’ve read that trad. there is no Mass during the wedding… but that some do it.. So I”m not sure if we will be able to or not… I’m hoping we can, cause that’s what I’ve always thought of…. The one I’m listening to doesn’t seem to be a Mass.. is nice though.  No, I know it’ll work out…  Newyas, putting links for anyone who wants to check it out.

The Podcast

The text that goes w/


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