The Trip that Wasn’t

All year I planned on going to Lubbock this weekend.  Two really good friends of mine are graduating from the college we went too.  I had their gifts ordered, in, wrapped over a month ago…  Couldn’t wait to go back… Was gonna stay w/ Angela (a friend from Church)… was looking fwd to discussing wedding stuff w/ her (she’s getting married next summer) & seeing the choir at SJN on Sunday.  Talked to my friend Quinn at least 2 or 3 times a week & you know the weekend was a main topic.. the bbq he’s doing for the girls & thier family.  I was really looking forward to it.

And where am I now? I’m at home…. getting ready to go to work because my boss is a ___________ (fill in the blank however you want).  I told her months ago I needed off… and she said whatever… I kept bringing it up.. Had it put in her calendar… I was getting off…. but no, she wouldn’t give it to me until the last min when it was impossible to get a ticket up there.  Then the whole concert thing at Church, which was supposed to be a few weeks away got moved to the same freaking weekend & I wasnt told until the week before… So I’m having to choose what to keep my word on…. and everyone thinks I’m gonna do what tehy want…. and to hell w/ the other… Danielle gives me off the weekend one freaking day too late to actually do it…. but that’s ok because they raised the bus rates to over 250 dollars… this is a bus ticket mind you.  So I’m screwed either way…  So here I am… Sick on top of everything else.. can barely breathe… but I get to sing tomarrow.  And my friends…… I think I’ve heard from em once or so since everything went to “ft. stockton”.

But I get to go to work now…. So glad Danielle wont be there today… I’d prob do something I shouldn’t if she was… Almost did the other day….

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