I’ve Gone Crazy… Picture Crazy

Mama’s Little Helper…

Introducing our Rhythmic Gymnast…

I’ll jump for awhile…

These make great toys!

I think I’ll take it for a walk…

Not just for kitties, babies are fascinated too!

Just for the record:

No I’m not putting Kalila to work… yet. I’ll wait at least a few years for that 😉

The ribbon is Kimosimi’s… I keep trying to put it away, but he keeps dragging it out across the house. Kalila keeps getting it from him. It’s a viscious cycle that I’m trying to stop (don’t see it as a good baby toy lol) but thought it’d make a cute pic or two while the camera was out.

I got her to stay in the jumper by using that toy to play with the cat… She thought it was halarious and giggled like crazy. I plan on using this in the future…

One of those lid/containers is going to be hers… She loves them just too much.

No she’s not really walking yet. Just a few steps at a time… I think I got lucky on this shot!

No I don’t let her play with the scratching post either… she was ignoring me (I carried her away from it at least 10 times before I took that picture).

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