If I Can Remember…

Lets see if I can remember what all I was going to post…

I have been so tired lately (last week or two) it’s not even funny. All I want to do is sleep… not possible w/ a baby running around & not good for getting anything done either. It’s a viscious cycle too… Tired = things not getting done = me getting upset about things not done = me wanting to sleep even more.

I did manage to break out of it a little today though… I decided to put up the laundry, starting w/ Kalila’s. I closed us in her room & she “helped” me. Seriously she did lol.. She handed me hangers. She thinks they’re toys & likes to play with them despite my taking them away everytime she does it. She’s also gotten into the habit of handing me random things she picks up… toys, shoes, clothes, peices of things I can’t see… and now hangers. It was nice though.

After I finished that…. I decided to weed out some of her old clothes & then rearranged a few things in her room. Probably the least important thing out of anything I really need to do, but at least I was doing something… right?

After she went to bed I got our clothes hung up (or folded & put away) & finished the diapers off (were in drier waiting to be folded too). So I did manage to get quite a bit done. Still so much left though…

Back to my rearranging her room though. While I was doing that she decided to climb into her closet! She was sitting there w/ her back to the wall looking so cute that I grabbed my camera & she saw me & got out. I managed to get a shot or two later when she got in again though.

She had some fun w/ a tub we were putting toys in too… First she climbed in…

And then she put the lid on for me!

That was pretty nice of her considering she kept taking out the toys as I put them in when I first got it out lol.

I should have gotten ones before & after I finished. I pretty much had to keep going once I started (as you can tell) because things ended up everywhere lol. It looks a lot better now though.

On a completely different note… Thursday night Kalila threw a huge fit during bath time. Apparently she didn’t want her hair washed for some reason. She kept standing up & trying to climb out as I rinsed her… and then would scream & cry when I wouldn’t let her. Finally I ended up holding her there (standing in the tub) for a couple minutes (while she screamed) hoping she’d calm down… Didn’t quite work, but I did manage to get her rinsed off after that… crying but at least not throwing herself around. I felt bad for her, but was completely caught off guard at the same time. I have no clue where it came from.

Tonight… Saturday night (her next hair wash – we bath her every night but shampoo is every other day right now) she started to get upset, but I got her laughing first & it went a ton better. On top of that I got her to start listening when I told her to sit down (we’ve been struggleing w/ that about as long as she’s been in the big tub, she wants to play with the faucet). She does still try, but is either sitting when I say to or by the time I get to the number two lol.

Things are finally moving w/ the party planning.

All the invites are printed and folded. Most of them are sent out… just waiting on some stamps & addresses for the others.

Is kinda funny after all the drama over not having a place to have it… once we set it down to be here, we got offered to have it at her Gido’s house, and then the day before we were gonna print the invites one of Jas’ aunts offered & we decided to go w/ that… I still kinda wish we could have it here, but it will be better this way… Would be very crowded in here, even as small as we’re trying to keep it. (Mostly family) So this is good.

I don’t remember if I mentioned it earlier (sorry if I did) but I finally decided what to do for the cake… I’m really excited about it. But… I still have to go get the pans & stuff & we haven’t been able to make it over to do so! I’ve also got to test out a “chocolate plastic” recipe for it & haven’t been able to do that either.

If you can’t tell I’m a little stressed by the whole thing… I’m looking forward to it, but still.. stressed. I don’t think it helps that I’m not ready for her to be a year old already lol.

One of my friends wrote a little about her sons upcoming bday (a month after Kalila’s) earlier today… and I couldn’t help but wish we were doing something similar. She’s switching over to the pocket diapers too & decided that she was going to tell everyone that is what she wanted as gifts for him. I like the whole getting one a month thing (we build up our stash & doesn’t crash our budget) but still couldn’t help but think how helpful that would be… esp since the few times we’ve been asked what Kalila needs or what would be a good bday present I’ve thought of that & decided (for one reason or another) not to suggest it. I know, with one person at least, part of that is because usually ya buy them online… but since Target carry’s BG’s now that’s not really an excuse lol.

I feel bad for Kalila, she’s teething again… and these are taking their time coming through. Her first molars – on the top. So of course she is biting everything again. Plus she got the whole teething diaper issues too… which didn’t happen with her others. It’s seemed to go away though.

I talked to Betsy’s mom the other day…

Backing up though… Her mom & sister are going to be here the day of the bday party. Emily is going to a concert that weekend & I’d forgotten about it when we made plans, but was really excited when I realized it because this way they can be there.

I’m really looking forward to seeing them. I think I’ve only seen them once or twice since Betsy passed away. Honestly I don’t remember, most of the time from Jan to May is a blur. I know I saw them after the wedding when we went to my brothers graduation & I think we went down before that… but no clue when… or if I’m imagining that.

Apparently I had perfect timing when I called… she had just taken Emily to the church & was where she could hear the phone. I hadn’t planned on calling let alone when to do so. I just looked up & thought I needed to call. & it was nice… I’m glad I did.

Ok – I’m gonna change the subject before I start bawling…

Uggh I need to get to bed. I’ve gotta get up early tomorrow. I want to say I’m forgetting something though. I know there was more I was going to say, because half of that was just in the last day or two & I wrote that post saying I had stuff days ago.

Oh well. It’ll wait.

Oh no! I remember… and thankfully before I posted this time!

Our apt. complex makes me want to pull out my hair!!!!!

Last week, no two weeks ago at least… We got a note on our door saying to move the stuff outside our door w/in 24 hours or else we’d have to pay a $200 fine.

The trashcan I get… My FIL had brought it over & we’d been meaning to move it (unfortuanetly it’s both large enough to have no place to put it & very very convienent right there lol). That I had no issue getting the note about. It was ours. Shouldn’t have been there whether we put it there or not.

But… The two grills are not ours. One was there when we moved in. I have no clue who’s it is. The other belongs to the neighbors upstairs. Both of these things were on our paper.

So I went & told the office. They did this whole dance of how they are just trying to spruce up the property & mean no offense (lol I’m not arguing them asking us to move something) & they thought they were ours, but thanks for letting them know they aren’t… That they’d be talking to the neighbors to straighten it out.

Now, I didn’t care if the things are there honestly… doesn’t bother me to see them… but… It’s been 2 weeks or so… and not only are they still there, but I have not seen any notice put on their door. We got one that long ago w/ that short of notice to move it – with a HUGE fine if it had been ours & we left it (which would have accompanied them hauling it off & dumping it) & yet nothing is said to the neighbors?

Everyone gives us looks when Jas says that they are trying to force us out because we signed the lease before they raised the prices here… but then things like this happen & I have to agree with him. Esp since it’s not the first time randomly stupid things like this have happened.

Examples: me putting the trash out by the door for a few hours for Jas to take when he got home because I was 8 mo’s pregnant & couldn’t lift it that far got a knock on the door saying to move it now or else, when the neighbors had theirs outside for a week w/ no trouble or them charging us twice as much as the others in our little section for water even though it’s supposed to be split by occupents & they had more people in their apts than we do.

I’m hoping we can find a new place when our lease lets up… we’re looking closer to Jas’ job because that’ll cut our gas bill too… but it really depends on how the prices compare to here. (so yeah – please pray we find something better…)

And before I go – here are some other random pics I got of Kalila today!

This is my favourite shot I got this morning… I got several though, was just so cute!

Kalila was excited to see her Diego ball.

Somehow my baseball was hidden in her room too… as soon as I found it, she did too & stole it from me!


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