Big Birthday Post

Yay! It’s over!

Just kidding… Kinda. After all the stress it ended up turning out great. We had a wonderful day… weekend really. I’m exausted, but happy. But I am kinda glad it’s over lol.

I decided earlier that I wouldn’t post about the cake on here… I put it on my other blog instead since it has more cooking/food related stuff on there. If you want to see it & stuff it’s linked here – Let’s Eat Cake

Back to the party though…

I didn’t get a whole lot of pictures 😦 I actually didn’t get any at all until we started opening the presents. Which is sad because now I don’t have any of Mama & Nana there… or Kalila kissing the bunny rabbit… or petting the dog… or her playing w/ the kids… or a million other pictures I would have loved to have!

It’s my own fault though. I brought the laptop & the other camera so I could upload them & make more room… but I just didn’t think about taking them. Part of it was I was running all over the place between helping set up & keeping track of Kalila. We got there minutes before the time we put on the invites… (between running to exchange shoes & waiting on people we left here late) so it was a bit hectic.

But what I did get… Is a video! What you think I wouldn’t get one of her eating cake for the first time? Obviously she’s sitting in her Gido’s lap while I got the camera & Jas handed off the cake & stuff. I just love it…

You know… I really expected her to go crazy with it, but she didn’t. No shoving it in her face… No stuffing herself. She obviously liked it… but she just ate a bit (more icing than anything) & decided she was done lol. (Right after I ended the video no less) It was still cute though! I love the smile she gave after she finally got ahold of the cake inside… And thankfully I thought to scan around at one point, so I managed to catch most of the people there in something at least.

Oh, and I got a pic of Gran cutting the cake too…

By the time we got around to opening gifts she was a little cranky (tired) so she wasn’t too excited about opening them… even threw a fit when she opened the one from her Godfather! (If it makes you feel any better Nick, she gave him a kiss today & then tickled his foot) We did get some good pics of it all though….

I also got one of her playing at one point… She put the doll there herself

And another of her w/ Nick.

Like I said… It was a good day. She had a lot of fun even if she did get overly tired at the end. Up side of that (surprisingly…) was that she went straight to sleep when we got home & slept through the night. Was so happy when she woke up too… Adorable!

Oh, and I plan on putting up a lot of Kalila playing with new toy pics soon… (I have some really cute ones) but figured there were enough pics here for one post lol. I’ll do that in the next couple days or so!


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