Definately Worth The Wait…

Yup… We made it to the zoo! It was a lot of fun… I always enjoy it, but Kalila was starting to get into it this time… which made it even better. I got a ton of pictures so bear with me here lol…

Before we went, we stopped off for lunch. We ended up going to a BBQ place that was great… We’re definately going back next time! Kalila had her first taste of BBQ sauce while we were there lol. So cute… She had it all over her face.

While Baba (I’m trying to get used to calling him that because Kalila tried to say Jason the other day!) went to wash his hands Kalila & I looked at the Macaw’s… Well, really I did. Since they weren’t moving they didn’t really catch her attention. After awhile (many animals later lol) she started to look for the animals when we’d stop but since this was the first one they didn’t really have a chance.

She did have fun looking at the Ducks & Fish….

But the first animals she really got excited about were the Hippos. Obviously (by the number of pics I took) I was too!

While we were still at Africa Live I had to get a shot or two of the Green Mamba…

And another African snake (I forget which one, but I liked the pattern lol)

And we found this cool little wall nini that Kalila had fun playing on & touching.

I’m not sure what she thought of the Crocodiles, but we thought this was pretty cool…

A random Frog…

And some Fish… If you’ll look towards the bottom you’ll see the one of the ones I was trying to get in this picture… A little yellow fish or two… There were several, and as Baba was pointing them out they were following his finger across the aquarium!

After we got back outside we went straight for the Lions. I can’t remember what they’re called, but we ran into these Antelope type animals first.

We were really happy to see the Lions awake… and they were playing! It was great. At first Kalila kept saying “Puppy! Puppy!” – but after us saying Kitty a few times & after they came a little closer she said “Kitty”.

They’re still working on phase 2 of the Africa Live exibit, so I made a stupid joke about the Construction Worker exibit & Baba continued on saying that they can be seen in their natural habitat. No, we didn’t get one on film, but I did get a shot of the wall there lol.

Let sleeping Rhino’s lie…

No, really, we got some good shots of him last time so we weren’t too upset about that. I did get a cool pic of the other Rhino though!

I got a shot (similar to last time) of the Cheetah sleeping, but just when I thought that was it… He got up and I got some good pictures!

I was really excited about the Giraff… So pretty

And here is a classic Zebra butt shot…

I did manage to get a slightly better picture here though…

And of course.. I had to get a picture of Kalila’s favourite… The Ostridge!

Baba kept trying to get Kalila to say “Elephant” here lol… Was another one we could tell she was interested in, but a little too big of a word for her. I piped in with Kiswahili & tried to see if she could say “Tembo” instead (a little easier to pronounce) and she babbled something at that lol… was trying at least.

From there we decided to go back past the Lions to see the Tigers… We were so excited to see one.

But in the middle of taking pictures there… We heard the Lion roaring! So back to take more pictures of him…

It wasn’t that long ago that the Kangaroo’s had babies… I wish I could have seen them back then, but they’re still cute!

With Kalila walking and all… We had to go by the Petting Zoo area! I don’t know which she liked better… playing w/ the Goats or the dirt! She immediately sat down & tried to eat the dirt…

I wish I had gotten this shot a second sooner… She kissed the Goat!!!

She loved looking at the fish in the kids section too… Kept saying “Kitty” and “Baby”… I can kinda rationalize the first… there were catfish in there!

She didn’t care about the Turtles…

But she had fun pretending to be one!

Good job Baba… The point of getting this pic was to get her on the play turtle… Is ok though lol, she was fussing anyway. She really wanted to get down in that sand.

Which she did…

And promplty ate it.

We got to see some Monkeys on the way out… I think my favourite moment all day happened here. Kalila saw one & said “Baba!”

And the Snow Leopard decided to come out (we’d missed him earlier). Kalila was pretty excited about that one (almost as much as we were).

Some odd bird… but I had to get a pic since there was a baby!

Lemurs… According to the sign, they are “related to monkey’s, apes, and you”.

Another kitty… It really was a good day for them! We spent quite a bit of time in front of this guy… The Clouded Leopard. Kalila stared him down & you can see he wasn’t too happy about it.

One of my last shots with the good camera… Baba & Kalila chased down an Ant Eater!

We couldn’t leave w/out seeing the Kimono Dragons… because they just had babies!

Unfortunately the babies were in the Reptile House, so we had to circle back to see them…

Before we left, we decided to get Kalila the stuffed Ostridge we decided against last time. She loves the thing!

Obviously I’m not putting all the pics (there were over 80 lol)… but yeah, we had a great time!


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