Spinach & Cheese Facial Anyone?

We were supposed to have friends over last night & decided to hold off on dinner until we knew for sure. We’d planned for roasted chicken, sauteed mushrooms & Jas’ salad… All things we love lol, but also all things that Kalila can eat & likes too. Unfortunately we didn’t hear from them & dinner got going too late for her to eat w/ us so I threw together a meal for her.

Of course she loves mac & cheese (who doesn’t?) & it’s easy to make… & we’d just bought some new pasta (wheel shaped this time lol). So I threw the pasta on & started thinking about veggies. I had some spinach in the fridge, so I decided I’d heat it up for her. But as I started pulling out the milk, butter & cheeses for her pasta I decided that I didn’t want to dirty anymore dishes than I had too (esp since we’re in the middle of cleaning). I got the milk & butter added… stirred in a couple Kraft slices, sprinkled on some Muenster… then grabbed that thing of spinach & threw it in too! Looked a bit odd, but oh well…

We got Kalila in her high chair & put a good deal of it in front of her… and then I got back to what I was doing. Jas & I were both in eyesight of her, but I guess neither of us really looked up (she does best w/ her eating this way actually… she gets mad if we’re right there by her or in her face) – just listened to make sure she was doing ok. Finally we heard some fussing & I looked up or turned around or whatever to find this…

I couldn’t stop laughing… I think the best part was her hair all matted & sticking straight up in the air… I thought she was wanting more (she’s really started putting the food away lately) so I gave her a bit more… She acted like she didn’t want it so I grabbed some & it was actually pretty good. After she saw me do that she grabbed a couple more pieces lol. I guess she didn’t want me to have any!

I had no clue how I was going to clean her up… I stood there for a bit trying to work up the nerve to start & finally decided to just strip her dress off at the table & carry her to the bath! Oh you should have seen it… There was spinach floating in the tub… cheese & milk residue… Awful… but funny lol. Thankfully she let me wash her hair… (she’s been in a stage lately where it’s only ok to wash her hair if she’s taking a shower). While I was drying her off I decided we just had to get a couple more shots.. The hair…. (although mine isn’t too much better)


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