My Little Hummus Monster

I’ll apologize now if I make little sense… I’m exhausted. But it’s not like I can go to bed either because I have too much to do (mostly laundry though, which is why I’m managing this). Sorry about the length too… has been a long weekend obviously lol

This weekend was the Lebanese Festival at Church. I only got to go 2 of the days, but I’m really glad I did. It was a lot of fun… but it was a really stressful weekend for other reasons.

Friday was probably the hardest day – and the one I didn’t get to go. I’d planned on it… But while we were at school (was the day I went w/ Baba so we could vote.. that was an experience all on it’s own, juggling a screaming baby who wants down while trying to do that!) the maintenence guy came. That’s fine, he got the stuff fixed… Well, right away I saw that he got the calking done, but only around the faucet area… and it’s around the tub itself that needs to be done. Good job on the toilet though lol… It now flushes wonderfully… (used to be a 50/50 chance if it would or not). I’d planned to go talk to them about it, but not just yet becuase too much going on.

Well Baba took a nap because we knew he wasn’t getting another chance to sleep in a long time… and I was supposed to get his clothes ready. The dry clean ones were easy & I got them done… but our water was shut off w/out notice. Not just ours, but the entire apartment complex. No warning… So I couldn’t wash half the stuff… Then around the time I was suppose to wake him I could barely keep my eyes open… and getting stressed from being so tired…

He woke up just as I was about to do yoga (something I’ve been trying to do for weeks & not managing) & asked me to go to the office agian. So I did… (and yes yoga out the window yet again) & they said water should be coming on any minute… good news – he could shower lol.

So he gets in the shower & they put it the wrong way! Our cold water is now hot & hot is cold… The worst part of it is… now you can’t get cold water w/out scalding yourself first! So I went back to the office & the maintence guy argued that it’s supposed to be that way (despite it saying hot & cold on the wall…) & we’re just not used to it yet. He came, as did the head maintenence guy & the manager… and all 3 idiots decided that it’s fine, they just need to flip the thing on the wall to where the words are on the wrong side too. I’ve calmed down about this a lot…. if I’d written this a couple days ago (and I really thought about it) there would have been some serious cussing & probably in multiple languages. I was not happy. Seriously, it’s so not safe it’s not even funny. I’m just glad we’re not planning to stay here too much longer (another year at most) because we can’t have that w/ Kalila… Sorry I’m about to go off again lol.

So I was pissed about that, and hungry (which being hypoglycemic you can imagine what that does for my mood lol), and grumpy from not getting to sleep when I needed it, and somehow or another Baba & I got in a fight. I really don’t even know why… It made absolutely no sense.

Then he left & I started to finish what I was doing aroudn the house & picked up a clothes hanger that wasn’t where it was supposed to be. Kalila was in the other room (thankfully) playing w/ a toy or something. Anyways, I went to toss it into the bedroom (so I could put it up later when I was finished in the dining room). I remember thinking about not caring if the thing hit the door & broke (we have 23523500235454 hangers really and they break all the time from being stepped on & stuff) because I was upset, but I didn’t expect it too…. Yeah… I also didn’t expect it to catch the air wrong (that’s the only way I can explain this happening considering I threw it straight at the door way in front of me) and hit the light in the hallway. Little bitty plastic clothes hanger that doesn’t weigh hardly anything hit the globe around the light (and this is a thick cover over the light, not flimsy by any means) and broke the thing. Glass went everywhere… Scared me half to death. I ended up calling Baba crying… I felt so bad about it… I’m still confused at how it happened. And glad Kalila was behind me in the living room (although I wouldn’t have tossed it if she’d been around in the first place) where she was away from the glass… She tried to go in there afterwards, but couldn’t get past me lol. I put her in the highchair while I picked it up & then vacuumed over it too just in case. I know I have a temper sometimes (thankfully not often at all anymore) but I don’t go around breaking things I promise!

So yeah… Friday was going pretty bad… and a few min later a friend of mine called. We hadn’t talked in forever & she had good news. Her bro’s baby was born 2 weeks before… and her sister is pregnant w/ twins! So exciting. Poor thing got vented too like crazy, but she was nice about it & I felt so much better afterwards.

While we were talking though I started sorting dirty clothes… and I had/have way more to do than I expected. I just didn’t realize it… We have so many that we weren’t close to running out yet & I was trying so hard to keep up w/ other stuff around here that I missed it. So I got it all nice and sorted… got a couple loads done even. The last load was full of jeans. By the time they were washed Baba was home & we were both exhausted & wanted to sleep so I figured it won’t hurt them to spend the night in the drier. The next morning I asked him to get them out because they’re heavy (I always have a hard time getting the jeans out) & he said he would so I kept on getting us ready to go… Remember that in a min…

So Saturday we went to the festival. We pretty much ran out the door at 12:30 becuase Baba had to dance at 1. Kalila got so excited about watching them dance… was trying to dance along in my lap (not surprising since she did that while I was pg too lol). Then when she saw him on stage her jaw dropped a little and she said “Babaaa” SO CUTE. I wish I could have gotten pics/video of her watching them… but no. I did get a couple pics (although not good) of when he took her out to dance afterwards before I was forced to join them lol.

I also got some pics of her dancing w/ the other kids… I could have gotten a lot more like this (and wish I had).

We got home about 6:30… Baba basically dropped us off & went back. Kalila was exhausted at that point & needed to get ready for bed. Well, almost as soon as we walked in I heard mewing… Frantic mewing. Coming from the laundry room…. Since he was closer I asked Baba to check & there was poor Mumble! (of course the one who’s afraid of it the most) And she peed… 6 hours locked in there I’m not surprised (or mad at her). Then I hear the words, “You might want to wash the jeans again… They have fur on them & probably were peed on”. Yeah, not only were they not unloaded that morning while I was doing stuff (and would have gotten them myself if I’d have known they weren’t)… but the drier door was left open somehow (that was prob me.. I always close it, but I guess it didn’t catch or something). So I had to stay up & rewash the stupid jeans! It was so late by the time they were done though… that I ended up leaving them in the drier yet again…

Today… Like every other Sunday we were running around like heads w/ our chickens cut off… Baba made a comment about putting his dance shirt in the drier w/ a wet rag to get wrinkles out… I figured, common sense he’d unload the drier. I guess I figured that… I really didn’t think about it that much lol.

We got to Mass late – as always… Kalila chased boys – as always. Baba had to take her out of the cry room for being rowdy – as always. & afterwards we went to have dinner w/ her Gido – as always lol. No, it was nice…

So we came back here, got her fed, a bit of a nap & then we started getting ready to head back. Baba asked me for his shirt. I opened the drier to find our jeans… Confused, I told him that he didn’t put it in… the jeans were in there. No… he put it in with the jeans. Now… I wouldn’t mind so much if it was a clean shirt. But keep in mind… This is his dance shirt. His dance shirt that he’s worn – dancing in – for the past two days. It’s dirty, it’s sweaty, it’s stinky, it’s GROSS and he threw it in with the CLEAN JEANS I’VE ALREADY WASHED TWICE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are all now back in the dirty clothes pile… I’m waiting to wash them until after the rest (I hope he doesn’t need any of them) because I have all those others that are needed too & haven’t been washed once & they’re already about to have their third go around & if I put them in again & something stupid happens I’m gonna cry. (I didn’t cry when I realized what he did this time… I laughed… still somewhat laughing… annoyed… but laughing)

We went back… I was going to get lots of dancing pics… but the batteries went out. So I got one of Baba MCing…

And a few dancing pics that are as blurry as ever. I cant ever seem to get good shots of the dancers w/ his camera (I should have brought both!)…

Oh & here’s Kalila at the end, all worn out!

And if you’re wondering why she’s my little hummus monster… We brought home food tonight & I was feeding her off of my plate. Of course I was giving her small pieces of arabic bread w/ hummus (I’m not mean enough to keep it away, she loves the stuff) along with bits of everything else. Well, after awhile I thought she was done (was turned towards Baba) so I was eating, and she turned back around & stuck her hand in it & just helped herself! She then kept doing it… and decided it would be fun to smear it all over us too. So we were covered, she was covered…. and that was before she decided to forget the hands, lets just stick ourselves in it face first! You know the stereotypical baby on first bday with the cake? That’s my daughter w/ hummus!


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