Around The House

I’ll apologize ahead of time… This is going to be a long post. But… it’s full of pictures, so that should make up for some of it lol. I’m really going to have a hard time picking exactly which ones to post because I’ve taken a ton of them lately lol. I got some great ones of Kalila too, so I’m really excited to share…. (in other words warning there may be a million pics on here lol)

I think I’ve mentioned (but maybe not) that we have new management here at the apartments. So far, for us, its been a good thing. Our neighbors have had all sorts of problems with them though… Part of me is afraid we will too… We’ll see…

They’re fixing things up pretty much across the board. The upside of it for us is that things we’ve needed done all along are FINALLY getting done. Like our bathroom…

One of the first things I noticed when we moved in was there was mold under the nini around the tub. I tried everything to get this clean. Over a year later and nothing has worked. It bothers me on several levels. The main reason (of course) is this can’t be healthy. But… It also makes the room look dirty lol… I don’t care for that. Just so you can see what I mean, I took a picture of it the other day.

When I first decided to write this post, that part was not fixed lol… But yesterday they came in and got rid of the old and put new… It looks so much better!!!!

Another problem we were having was water leaking. At first they thought it was the drain… but apparently it’s some problem with how the curtain hangs.. So they put in these nice little guards!

Because there was such bad leakage (and it was a problem w/ the last people too because it was like this before we moved in) the floor needed to be redone too. It was livable… but just never looked clean. The patch by the door was the same way (I’m not sure why, I guess just because it’s so old). So they laid new tile (well fake tile lol) on both. The kitchen is still the old stuff unfortunately (because this one really is nicer) but I can understand why… it still looks decent.

In the middle of all this… We had a friend come over and watch Kalila so I could catch up on some of the stuff I just can’t get done during the day (or night rather since that’s mostly when I’m able to clean lol). I somehow managed to get more done than I expected…

I’m sure you’ve seen it… in a lot of the pictures I’ve taken in the living room you can see a pile of big tubs. For now we have dvd cases in them (we switched to binders, but can’t get rid of cases until we know all the dvd’s are ours… in other words Baba needs to go through them!) and I stacked them up as out of the way as possible until we could get them in our storage area. Unfortunately that means going outside and rearranging stuff so it hadn’t been possible. They did keep the baby out of that corner, but they looked horrid sitting there. Cluttered things up and kept it looking like we hadn’t cleaned when we had. Example (in the corner) :

So one of the big tasks that day, or at least the one I’m happiest about, was cleaning that storage closet (mostly reorganizing some boxes, but we got rid of our old Christmas tree… I’ll get back to that later) and getting those out there. Somehow it worked better than expected. I also got our useless little tv (a great Christmas gift when I was in the 8th grade, but it barely works now lol) out there… and the jumperoo too! I was a little sad about the jumperoo, but… Kalila has definately outgrown it. Now if only we can get out the box full of pants that Baba needs to go through!

Ok, so I mentioned the Christmas tree… We’ve debated what to do about it for months. It was a gift from my mom when she got her a new one… Trees are expensive, so we really didn’t want to get rid of it… But half the lights didn’t work. It was 6 ft tall, so it took up way too much room in the apartment. And the worst part is it’s not very sturdy. Mumble knocked it down multiple times last year (remember the kitten in tree pics?)

So weeks ago I went w/ Sallie to Garden Ridge so she could get her a tree… They had them on sale. I fell in love with one… well, backing up a bit. They had this display at the front. Trees in several different colours… Pink, purple, lime green, teal, red, white, black… Each had a 7 ft version and a 4 ft version…. except the black. They only had the 7 ft (ie way too big) tree in black… and I fell in love with it. (Can you imagine how many colours woud look great on that? So many options) I also fell in love with the 4 ft size because it’d be perfect in here… So I decided to talk to Baba and get his opinion… Hoping we’d go back (or somewhere else) and get one of the smaller trees, even if it’d be a green one.

At the same time Sallie decided to make us a wreath… Obviously I was in the mood for something not so traditional when we were picking out the stuff for it and loved her idea for using peacock feathers. I absolutely love it!

A day or so later I found out that Kohls was having a sale too that weekend and had the little 4 ft black tree… and for a better price! So after talking about it we decided to do that… and to look for plush ornaments to use this year (baby proof tree lol). I figure since we have a black tree, I’d be happy with the trad red and green ornaments… Unfortuantely stuff hit the fan last week and we haven’t even started looking for them yet… Is ok though because I still want the tree to fall out a bit before decorating. Here’s a pic of it up though!

Things have been just as busy for those of us in the house too…

Baba had a big paper due today that he’s been working on all week. I can tell he’s really relieved to be done with it. I don’t know if I mentioned it before or not, so sorry if a repeat here… but he got registered for next semesters classes (last week I think). He’s going full time starting next semester… so things will be even more busy/crazy but we’re looking forward to it. He’s already excited about some of his classes too.

I am finally feeling like I’m catching up with everything I need done around here lol. I think the biggest part of it was the work getting done, but still… It’s nice. I’ve also been getting up a little earlier in the mornings (side effect of attempting to use temps again… I’m using Baba’s alarm to do so, since he turned mine off last time I tried lol, and just getting up afterwards) so that helps… I’m a bit fuzzy towards the afternoons/evenings now lol, but for the most part I feel better.

Kalila… Where to start? Did not like her first taste of brussel sprouts yesterday lol. Was funny, she picked out everything around them (when I tried to trick her into eating some). She told me that my stocking is pretty today (just pointed and said pretty of course) and is giving the cats as much grief as ever. She’s started saying “ow” when she falls down (small falls that is), bumps herself a little or gets swatted by a kitty. Doesn’t cry, just says ow. She also started saying “Oy” and “Oh boy” (I wonder where she got those from lol).

We had to take back one of the things we got with her bday money a couple days ago… (ok, we should have months ago, just kept forgetting) a safety thing for our kitchen table… It didn’t fit. She needed some “silverware” so we got a package of those and she picked out a toy to go with it. We would have picked up a diaper instead, but they were out. As annoying as that is… is good too. The more people buy them the more they’ll carry right? Anyways, the toy is this Seseme Street remote lol… She just fell in love with it. The forks and spoons are nice too though… She doesn’t quite have the hang of using them of course, but she’s trying.

Oh… and we’re working on picking stuff up. Not the toys yet… but food that she throws during meal times (I’d had it with that lol). After she’s done I put her down and have her help me pick it up. The first few times I had to hold her while we’re doing it and walk back and forth… but now she’s starting to do it on her own. We still have a way to go, and I still clean up most of it, but it’s a start.

The kitties… are being kitties lol. Mumble is continually getting better with me. She’s great with Kalila of course… and Baba… but getting better with me again. She even rubbed me and licked my foot earlier on in this post! Kimosimi is still the sweetheart, but he’s had it with Kalila picking on him. I’m really having to get on to him (and her) about it. He’s starting to go to Baba more than he used too.. and doesn’t freak out when we pick him up anymore. He does still go nuts when he sees a newspaper though (does his best to lay on it and bite it) – is kinda funny, but makes us wonder. They’re both curious about the tree… Mumble more so though. She can’t get in this one, but she’s tried lol.

And of course I can’t end this without showing the million or so pictures that I promised! Plus a really cute video I found… Enjoy!!!


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