Update… I guess…

I don’t know if anyone has really missed me… but I’ve been computerless the past few days. I could get on the wii or my phone but it’s about more trouble than it’s worth. We got the laptop working again though!

Before I disappeared… I found this great site that I will link on the side, already have it on my blog list… She does this Menu Planning Monday thing that I love! I thought it might help me w/ my menu planning, so I’m pretty excited about joining in. Part of me wanted to put it on here, but… it its better on my other blog. Besides, I’ve gotta free up space for all my cute Kalila pictures and stories right? Anyways, I got my first MPM entry up on there if you’re interested… (next weeks will be better though.. .going out of town messed everything up lol) I’ve already put up a newer post though, with a recipe for one of the meals, so it’s not on top anymore.

I don’t think I’ve bragged on Kalila in awhile… or if I have, oh well! You remember how she started pointing to her belly button when asked? Now she points to her nose, head, ears, eyes, mouth.. and yes belly button lol. She also told Baba bless you when he sneezed the other day… and has done it a time or two since then too. There was also a pretty funny “What’s that?” incident too, but I’m not going to get into that right now lol.

I get to start babysitting full time again! I start in a couple weeks or so when his mama goes back to work. I am so excited. He’s 8 weeks old and a real cutie! As much as I love Kalila’s age and all she does… I miss her being so small too. Besides, it’ll help us out too.

I alluded to it earlier… (did I spell that right?) but yeah… We’re headed out of town this weekend to see my side of the family. My parents and sister haven’t seen Kalila since she was a week old or so… and my mom and nana haven’t seen her since her birthday. Her madrina hasn’t seen her since the Baptism… and even worse, Betsy’s family hasn’t gotten to meet her yet at all… (neither have my brothers, sister in law or niece for that matter) So it’s past time to head out that way.. way past time. I can’t wait. We leave Friday after Baba gets out of class and will be back Sunday night… faster trip than we’d like, but he’s got class again on Monday.

I think I have more pictures on my camera… but it’s outside in the diaper bag lol. uggh.. I need it to start the diapers, just a sec.. you may get to see pics afterall!

That was slightly pointless… The diaper bag was dirty diaperless… And it smelled like cold cheese outside (in a good way) so now I’m hungry again. Oh well… got the camera!

First off… I put up a pic earlier from my phone.. (so you’ll have to scroll down a bit to the next post to see it) If you can’t tell, Baba gave her a small piece of dark chocolate before I took it lol.

Kalila has decided that she needs (not just wants, but needs) Kix cereal. Baba made the mistake of letting her try a bite of his… and now she begs every time he has a bowl, even if she’s just finished her cereal.

And yes… She tries to carry the box off too.

All dressed up for the cold weather… Normally she hates hoods, hats, or anything that tries to cover her head (unless it’s a scarf, she likes those lol). But she was all excited about this several sizes too big jacket (we have several that fit her, but they were in the wash..) and then even more so when we stepped outside. I wish I got a pic of her face when she lifted it up to the cold air and smiled. Was adorable! (ignore the baby toys everywhere lol)

And here she is watching a kitten play outside… I even got a video!


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