Keeping It Short

So much to write and so little time lol.

I guess I’ll start w/ Mumble… She’s still doing better, although after we picked her up after my last entry we were told that not all of the dead tissue was gone like we hoped and that she may still lose a toe. We couldn’t move on to the 2 or 3 day bandage either… So we had to take her in yesterday. She’s improved again though… they did not mention her toe this time and said that they were able to put sutures in between her toes. She is no longer growling at us, and is instead very lovey. I got rubbed on like crazy, licked, and everything.

As you can see below, her bandages are steadily getting smaller (the last two are the same day though). I need to get one this weekend, but have awhile to do it since she doesn’t have to go back until Monday!!!

Kalila’s room…

The only room I have pretty much like I want it… I do have a few things left to do like the top of her changing table… part of that is just that I need to get diapers out of the diaper and fold them lol. (that’s where I keep them)

I don’t know if you remember from other pics, but it was way too crowded in there… Unfortunately there’s not that much room to work with, but it hit me (now that the closet doors are white) that we do have another wall to work with that I hadn’t considered. Obviously the crib can’t go right up next to it, but I put it a ways away to where we can still get in the closet easily. The corner where it used to be is still a little crowded but it works out for the best since we have to put computer stuff under her changing table. I put them on the bottom shelf towards the very back corner and they’re blocked from her a lot better than they were before. Ignore the baby blankets on the window btw… The blinds fell off last week and we’re waiting for maintenence to come fix them lol.

Kalila is just growing up too fast. The other day I was on the phone and looked up just in time to see her putting her foot in one of my shoes! I tried to get a pic but didn’t make it in time. The next day she put her hand in the oven mitt… same thing happened with the camera. She’s also tried to put on her own pants and shoes…

And… She finally has enough hair for pigtails!!!

Ok, that’s it for now… 😀


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