Such Cute Legs

I know the dress is completely weather inappropriate lol… but Kalila really wanted to wear it the other day and since we weren’t going anywhere (and our heater is on) I let her… I’m glad too because I’m not really sure how well it will fit this summer.. And… Look at those legs! Too cute! I had to get pics…

Beyond that…

Kalila said circle earlier today… or tried to lol. She was watching Seseme Street and the letter of the day was C… So they were saying C Circle over and over and then I hear “Kircle” “Kircle”. I couldn’t help but laugh, it was adorable…
She also tried to put on her diaper… I was folding them this morning (knowing she was going to need a change soon) and she grabbed one and opened it up and sat down on it… Looked pretty funny considering she still had her pj’s on and all!
I also got a little annoyed this morning. I decided to make us bagles for breakfast (despite it not being on the menu for today… I just didn’t feel up to cooking this morning, will get back to that later). As I was heating them up I decided to pick up Baba’s bagles (yes, we have 3 different kinds… Kalila and I share ours though) and look at the package… and find that they are made with HFCS! I look at mine… and they are too. Luckily Kalila’s (which were the ones I was heating) aren’t… Not too surprising since we got her some good wheat ones and ours are store brand. Forget trying to go a day w/out the stuff… I’m wondering if we can make a meal w/out it… (well, obviously we made it through one today)

Ignoring the fact that the stuff is so unhealthy it’s not funny (despite what the commercials might tell you… I have a really funny story about that btw) but have you heard the latest news? The stuff has mercury in it! Supposedly Obama is trying to get it out by 2012, but that’s still 3 years away… and HFCS is in almost everything! Sure we’re trying to cut down on boxed dinners (so that cuts out some of it) but breads? Cereals? Come on… I’m not making em from scratch!!!! And buying the expesive ones (at least exclusively) is out of the question too… Baba’s soda’s are fine since he gets Mexican Cokes (made with cane sugar) but I’m addicted to Dr. Peppers… Luckily Lent is coming up so those will go out the window, but my replacement drink has usually been Arizona Green Tea… and guess what? It’s in there too!

Sorry I’m just frustrated… We worry about how much tuna and fish to eat.. Make sure we’re not getting too much mercury… Worry about which vaccines have it in there… and it turns out it doesn’t matter, it’s in half the food in our pantry. Granted we were already starting to watch for the HFCS before this for other reasons, but this really ticks me off.
I had the worst headache last night… I’m not really sure why, although going a day w/out soda might have done it… Doesn’t really make sense though considering I’ve gone much longer than that. Anyways, it was rather annoying. I laid down after Baba got home and was pretty much curled in a ball for several hours.
I meant to mention in one of my last posts and forgot lol… We decided to get Kalila some Sunbutter… it’s like peanut butter but made from sunflower seeds. Obviously peanut butter is just out of the question right now, but she’s also still a little too young to eat it in the first place (we’re waiting until 18 months provided this whole thing has blown over and it’s safe again). But at the same time it’s a great snack so I wanted to do something… Baba won’t do Soybutter so we thought this was a good compramise… I am so glad we got it. Not only did she love it… but I tried some and it was great! If you can find it, I definately recommend the stuff!
I love that when I tell Kalila to put something back she does it… She just pulled an apron out of the drawer on me. Is kinda funny, I tell her to come to me and she’s as stubborn as can be… getting her to pick stuff up is hit or miss, keeping her away from tv buttons isn’t happening, but putting aprons, dishrags, and pj’s back in the drawer and closing it back up… those she listens to every time! (but now that I’ve said something… lol)
Has anyone seen diapers at Target lately? We’ve been looking at every one we’ve been too (any time we’re near one that is) and not a single blessed BumGenius in stock… I’m not sure if it has to do with that stupid new law (since I know they put a ton on sale in prep for it) or what.. but it’s aggrivating.
I just realized what yesterday was… It was the 29th… Betsys anniversary. I started to do a scrapblog a couple weeks ago and got distracted, I need to finish it… How did I miss that? I remember the day before I was thinking about it… half dreading it. How… On the other hand I’m not sure I could have handled it either… Sorry, subject change fast…
I can’t find this stupid book anywhere.. The latest one in a series my cousin and I are both reading. She’s already gotten it, but I haven’t been able to… and I really want to read it. I can’t remember the name.. Night Huntress I think…
Kalila is telling me (quite emphatically) that there’s a cat behind our couch. And now she’s throwing a fit because I won’t let her back there…
I need to get stuff ready for dinner… I’m not sure what to do though because Baba wants tonights meal tomorrow. I think I’ll prob do the stew I meant to do earlier this week but couldn’t.. Silly me did our menu while half asleep so we didn’t have everything we needed lol. Baba is on his way home now though so I prob should get started… oh he’s here.. oops lol. Gotta run!

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