Valentines Day

Sorry this is a little late lol… But we celebrated it late too. Baba had to work on Saturday, so we ended up going on on Sunday. Things didn’t quite go as planned (for one we overslept lol) but we still had a great time.

Gido came and picked up Kalila around 10:30. From what I hear she had a blast w/ him. Doesn’t surprise me one bit though because she got excited as soon as we told her that morning lol. After they left we finished getting ready and took off.

Before I go any further… we took a couple pics before we left….

Doesn’t Baba look good? 😀

I on the other hand… Lets just say I struggled with my hair all day. You can’t really tell in the pic (thankfully) but it look like I had a bad straightening job done lol. I’m not sure if it was the weather or the fact that Kalila got ahold of it before I started working on it or what… but uggh!

Anyways.. we went straight to the movies to see New in Town. It was a really cute movie… I’m glad we went. From there we went to Borders… where I did not find the book I wanted, but that’s ok. I did get a really cute dvd instead (yes, he let me pick out my Valentines gift lol). I guess I should point out at this point, that Baba got his gifts the day before (a box of cookies and a really odd book that I knew he’d love). From there we went to eat… had a great lunch.. and then back here… It was around 4:30 or so when we got home lol… and Kalila got here a little while later, sound asleep lol.

Like I said, it was a good day!


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