Blah Blah… Blah Blah Blah

I know I’ve been missing lately. Combination of things… We’ve had a lot going on. It’s been a really bad week. I just haven’t felt like writing period… any of those will explain it. Don’t worry, not getting into what has happened this week. There’s no point and I don’t want to get into it right now anyway.

But… some of the highlights from the week… (and/or random things that come to mind as I’m sitting here lol)

Not too long ago I looked up how much Kalila should be eating for her age… because like all toddlers she’s really weird about it and I was worried if she was getting enough. One day she stuffs herself beyond imagine, one day she seems to hardly eat anything. It was a relief looking it up really because it showed me how little she really needs lol. Basically about 1 tbsp and a half is a whole serving of something for her age… So yeah… she eats more than enough on a bad day…

Anyways, point of that being… sometimes she seriously scarfs down way more than that… Like when we go to Sams. Our big Sams trip is kind of a treat for us… We stop at the food court and get beef hotdogs… Kalila can eat (and will eat) just about the whole thing. She didn’t eat as much today (left off a couple inches), but the last trip we made there was hardly any left. Those things are a pound of meat! I have no idea how she does it… (of course at the same time once she’s full she refuses more no matter what, so I guess I shouldn’t worry too much right?)

I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that after that she hardly touched the meat at dinner… went mostly for veggies lol. I made peas tonight and if I’d had the camera out I would have gotten it on video… she was shoveling them in! The girl loves her peas…

The other thing today was apples. This I did get a pic of lol… Ok several pics of. We went shopping right? Well the whole time Baba was getting his apples she was saying “apple apple apple apple”. Then we went to get hers and she did it all over again… and then tried to steal one off the shelf (yes I stopped her). So we got home and of course that’s gonna be a snack today. But instead of slicing them like I normally do… I cleaned it up and let her have a whole one. Here’s what happened.

Note: After awhile i had to take it away and cut it… She was getting too far inside and I didn’t want her getting the seeds. Stubborn miss that she is wouldn’t turn it around lol.

On a different note. She’s terrorizing our cats. Poor Mumble was pushed around all over the place yesterday (between the vet today and our errands she was lucky today). One minute Kalila will be loving on her, giving hugs and kisses… and the next she’s hitting her and shoving her off a chair! I’m about ready to pull my hair out…

So yesterday I was doing something (I forget what) and heard growling and spitting coming from the baby’s room… So I ran in there… and found Kalila had climbed up into her stroller to get at Mumble (who likes to lay on top). Mumble was not happy, but Kalila was very proud of herself. Mommy was not to pleased of course…

Speaking of climbing. The little monkey got in her play pen today. I’d just given her a bath and was letting her air out a bit before putting her diaper back on… Walked over to the play pen to say hi to Mumble (another place she likes to curl up) and Kalila walked over there too… I was squatting down at the time and she grabbed on, put her foot on my leg and boosted herself up and over! You should have seen the grin… Thankfully she didn’t flip out when I pulled her out to get her ready for bed lol. I’m thinking pulling Mumble out first was a good idea. Instead of screaming to get back in, she helped me pull herself out (tried to climb again).

She’s also gotten too good at getting on and off our bed. It took awhile for that to happen because it’s so high off the ground. But she’s figured out the rail under the mattress.

Now what’s scary about this? The other morning Baba brought her in just like he always does… I fed her and we all fell asleep like normal. A little while later she woke us up playing with a toy truck, was running it up and down us lol. Cute yes? Except that truck was not in the bed! When I got up… clothes I’d put on the couch to fold the next day were on the floor too! So little miss got herself up and played for awhile while were were asleep… not good! I’ve had one eye open ever since (maybe that’s why I’m so tired right now). The past few mornings I’ve seen her get out of bed… and followed her out.

I couldn’t help it… I had to get a picture of her on Ash Monday. If you look closely, her cross is not quite a cross but more like a circle lol. I think she moved…

Oh, that puppy dog she’s holding. Valentines Day sale… We went to Walgreens for sale candy and she attached herself to it. Wouldn’t even let the cashier ring it up, I had to pull the tag off! Thankfully he laughed. She seriously had a death grip going on though.

And one more cute picture before I go… Kalila seems to have this facination w/ thermometers now. Sometimes she tries to stick them in her mouth… (from watching me) and sometimes she tries to stick it in her diaper. Earlier today (or was it yesterday) she tried to take Baba’s temp. I wish I’d had that one in a pic lol… Normally it’s just mine, because it’s sitting on the window sill where I can get it in the morning… But today she found hers (I’d taken her temp the night before and thought I’d put it out of reach) and I found this…

Oh yeah… One of the things I’d meant to write… Two more times now Kalila has had that thing happen at night where she wakes up calling for Baba and not wanting me. Thankfully neither has been as bad, but she wasn’t fooled by his picture either… She seems to like me rubbing her back, so I’m going w/ that until she decides to let me pick her up… thankfully hasn’t taken as long as the first either time. There was a good break after the first though, and these two have been the past two days. I hope we get past it soon…


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