Happy Easter

Sorry this is a bit late… but we had a great Easter. I took a ton of pics…

First at the house before we left for Mass…

Then at the Church after Mass…

Then at Aunt Samira’s…

Kalila eating her first deviled eggs

Baba making his salad… Gran snuck in for the pic too lol.

Kalila’s first Easter egg hunt. The second pic here is from the one egg she found on her own lol.

And on the moon bounce… I actually got a video of this too but I need permissions before I can post it… so we’ll see!

So yeah… Good Easter… Very tiring though. I chased Kalila around pretty much the whole day. I did have a couple breaks… basically when she went to her cousins and then later when she went to sleep for just under an hour (before waking up scared cause she didn’t know where she was… huge scream… poor thing). I wish I was able to get more pics and video’s… esp towards the end when Baba and his cousins (and Gido at one point) got up and sang. Luckily others did, so maybe…. lol. Anyways, Kalila did great. She’s such a little ham. Towards the end she threw a couple of fits (the lovely throw yourself down kind)… but she was getting tired. Unfortunately I was too and had no sympathy lol. It scared me a little cause she could have hurt herself, but she didn’t… thankfully. We left soon after the second one… once agian thankfully. It was pretty late at that point.

And speaking of late… it is that right now too. I know I’m probably forgetting something… So there may be (probably will be) another post at some point on this sub… esp if I have any video’s to share lol (I hope so cause mine is cute… and the others are pretty funny… and Kalila’s in some dancing and stuff too).


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