Another Trip to the Zoo

Yup… our bi-yearly trip to the zoo came up. We went yesterday as an early Bday nini for me… and it was a lot of fun. I’m gonna be nice and not flood ya w/ pics… I do have them all up on facebook though!

When we first got there Kalila was more interested in the waterfall than the animals lol.

I wish I’d gotten some pics in there, but we all really liked the aquarium… esp the hammerhead sharks! Kalila of course… was just happy to see “watee”.

A few pics of Baba carrying/pushing Kalila around.

I have to post a few animal only pics for various reasons…

The black footed cat… because Kalila started meowing at it! Was so cute…

Turtles… First we saw these two… We couldn’t believe they were stacked like this!

And then these… LOL

A cheetah… I’m still amazed that I got this picture!

I wish I’d snapped this a few moments before.. The croc was going after a fish! Kalila quickly decided she likes this animal lol. (Well, tech. Kalila’s in this one too lol.)

Kalila loved the benches for some odd reason…

And a few pics w/ Mama…

These last two could go in that section too… but I have to explain, just too cute. After all that… Kalila decided she wanted some milk. So we sat down in front of some ducks, turtles, fish, etc. and got situated. A few minutes later… this happened!

Obviously it was a fun day!

From there we went to get some groc and Baba decided he had to take this pic there lol.

And then back home. Later on (around midnight for obvious reasons) Baba cooked me a steak dinner and made salad. Was great… He even surprised me w/ an unexpected bday gift.


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