Toddler Beds

Yes, that time is coming… Sooner than I am probably ready for lol. Long story short… Kalila has been doing 3 things lately.

1. Laying down random places and saying “Night Night”
2. Pointing to either one of us sleeping, the cats sleeping, or her dolls on floor and saying “night night”.
3. Waking up multiple times at night, will fall asleep on our bed, but as soon as we put her back in the crib the screaming starts again…

Yesterday it hit us… We were in here, she walked in the bedroom (ours), climbed up on the bed, laid down, and said loudly “night night”. I told Baba that maybe its time to consider what toddler bed to get… and he brought up #3 up there and said that he thinks that might be the reason. Is it? I don’t know for sure… but it could be.

So we’re looking at toddler beds.

Before I continue… Let me share what she has now… Using stock photos because I don’t have a good pic of her room right now, and don’t have the second set just yet. Both are WalMart btw…

Nursery Theme

New bedding

Cute right?

Ok, back to toddler beds.

These first two are not options.

I fell in love w/ this one… Is from Wal-Mart btw… Is absolutely adorable! I would have loved to have that one… but it wouldn’t match her bedding she has now, or the bedding her Aunt Leslie gave her for Christmas (but we don’t have yet lol). Plus… its overly girlie… Fine for Kalila… but eventually this toddler bed will be passed on.

Then there’s this one (from Toys R Us). Kalila would love it. It would go w/ that second set of bedding… but not the first. And what happens if she decides she doesn’t like Elmo anymore… or if the next doesn’t or whatever. Like the first bed, it sticks us w/ one particular theme. Cute? Yes.. Practical? No…

So what are we leaning towards?

Well, there are 3 beds from Wal-Mart… they all have great reviews. All are for a good price. Just not sure yet… The first two here are my favourites btw…

This one just looks cute to me. Downside is it does look a little girlie too. I know part of that is because of the ugly pink sheets lol. But still, the design on the head and foot boards is a bit too. Still… cute!

The sleigh part on this could be girlie… but somehow it doesn’t hit me that way. I like how it looks too… but I saw a bad review on a similar bed.

I include this one because it’s the same price and good reviews too… but its just not calling to me lol. For one thing it seems kinda boyish. Maybe its the bedding.. I don’t know.

Anyways, that’s where we’re at right now. We’ll see… Opinions? (as I need to send this to Baba… he’s seen one of these, but not the others lol.. and I definately want his opinions on here too)


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