Too Much

Seriously there is just too much to say…. So for now I’m sticking to some of the pictures (and video’s) I’ve taken recently.

She just loves this little skirt… so hard to get a good pic of her in it though!

I hadn’t mentioned it on here yet, but last week Kalila climbed out of her crib… Well.. a couple days ago she tried to climb back in! Of course I had to get a pic lol.

A couple shots w/ Baba… So cute!

Kalila’s been putting her toys in her stroller lately… and putting blankets over them (where-ever they are) to put them to “night night”. Here she did both!

Last night… LOL She woke up for a drink and woke up a little too well. I knew Baba was coming home soon (and she really wanted to see him) so I let her stay up even though I knew I prob shouldn’t. Long story short though, she got down and grabbed the broom… I got a few pics and a video too!

I’m off for now.. I should have a Mumbleish post up soon though… cute story to share lol.


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