Kalila is into everything…

Poor Mumble has had to learn patience…

First having diapers put on her…

Then being forced to play mother (or wet-nurse) to two stuffed animals.

Getting poked repeatedly…

Every once in awhile Kalila plays nice though.

On the other hand, Kalila is trying to help out more…

I don’t have a picture of her unloading the dishwasher, wiping down the table, or throwing away trash… and you’ve already seen the sweeping pics… But here’s a few of her putting her diapers away.

I didn’t realize the drawer was closed so walked in to find this…

After helping her out with the drawer…

Mumble is not the only one who gets diapers though. I’ve caught her trying to put one on a teddy bear too… And more often she just tries to put them together for who knows what.

She’s also turned into a little cookie monster…

As well as a cheese monster, but I have no pics of that… She loves her cheese though. Even steals feta and blue cheese from me!

And apparently (as I gag all over again just thinking about this) putting food away for later. Her description when she found it just cracks me up though… So fitting. I’m glad I had the video running.

She’s doing really good with taking her medicine both times so far… Told me that it’s yummy.

I need to get a video of this because it happens so often.. but she gets on to the cats. Scratch on our couch? No no no (complete with waving her finger). Fighting kitties? No no no… Climb in a cabinet? No no no. And my personal favourite (which I just heard) is when she tells them to stop!

She climbs on everything… I just caught her on the umbrella stroller (standing up backwards) and the other day I caught her standing on the big ball. No pictures because I’m trying to end those lol.

She’s letting me know when its time for bed now… and likes to play “night night”… Which apparently is a game where she lays down, puts a blanket over herself (or whatever else, us or toys, that she’s playing with) and says night night.

We have to hide our wallets now too… because Kalila just knows that she needs them and what’s inside. Seriously I caught her pulling a couple dollars out of mine and when I got it from her she smiled and said “money”. Keeping it in the diaper bag doesn’t work either because she’s a pro at the zipper now.

Speaking of… She now has a bag of popcorn Baba put in there yesterday… and just crawled up here to point at it and say yummy… only to go back and sit on the floor with it and refuse to bring it to me… She’s trying to get inside… Just a sec!

Back to sleep… She’s now sleeping with this monkey that was Baba’s when he was little. He is so happy about that. This was supposed to be a pic of Kalila, but she moved and you can see it in her crib.

Kalila loves to jump… and tries to do it on the couch.

She also loves to kick… and we’re lucky if its aimed at a ball and not us or a cat.

And she just has to have all of our toys.

The computer… Has been broken twice now. First it was a shift key… and now the v. I finally figured out how to use the key without it being there lol… until we get it fixed anyway, but was still pretty aggrivating.

She’ll run around with the camera saying picture picture.

The wii.. Oh good grief, if her trying to play with the wiimotes wasn’t bad enough… She’s fallen in love with the balance board!

And of course she still loves the phones.

And I can’t blame anyone but myself for any of those…

Speaking of her mimicking me though… LOL Baba and I got a real kick out of this one… The other day she grabbed a piece of sausage at the store, turned it over, and was looking at the nutrition facts!

I could go on… and I wish I had more pics to share… but I don’t so I won’t lol. Good timing too since I think its diaper duty for me lol.


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