All Sorts of Fun

I can’t remember the last time I did a stream… Hadn’t really planned to soon, but I have too many things to post em all seperately and their gonna get lost if I don’t soon… so here we go lol.


Last week? The week before? I don’t really remember anymore lol… The joys of being sick and things going topsy turvey… But one of the Sunday’s we ended up going to Dave & Busters for Uncle Bud’s bday/bachelors party. I’ve only been there once before, but it was just as fun as I remembered it… even more so w/ Kalila around. She fell in love w/ ski ball lol. Needed a little help, but still… Before we had to go I found one of the games I’d done well w/ the other time and got us enough tickets (we had quite a few already, but not near enough for anything) to get her a stuffed toy… She picked out the A&M dog…. Baba was very proud of that lol.

Beyond the games.. Kalila really surprised me w/ the food. We got her some chicken and rice, always a good option for her since she loves rice. But she barely touched it… Instead she kept stealing bites of my chicken pesto pasta. I can’t really blame her… it was really good. But I wasn’t expecting her to do that.


I’m getting more and more annoyed with our apartments.

Problem 1.

They decided to finally fix the little “yard” areas… but instead of just cleaning them up and making them safe to go near they dug em up and threw rocks down instead. Seriously can you see the issues here?

My first thought was at least they were doing something… And very quickly after that was that this could be very very bad. I could just see Kalila (or our neighbors daughter) getting hurt on them… Then… I talked to our neighbor about it and he brought up a couple of things I hadn’t thought of and should have… The rocks are not small… What would happen if someone got ahold of them and decided to go after our cars.. or windows?

Those are all abstracts though… So what has happened since they put them in? Day 1 Kalila picked one up just as I bent over to look at something and smacked me in the jaw. Day 2 Kalila fell and scraped her knees.

Now I’m not surprised that we weren’t asked, but the fact that we weren’t even told about this (esp when we just renewed our lease and this would have been a big factor in possibly looking more seriously elsewhere) is annoying.

Problem 2

They are messing with the dirt outside the apartments. It was hard enough to deal with before this “improvement”… There is no sidewalk there and we have to walk on it to get anywhere… and now its impossible to roll the stroller over. It keeps getting stuck.


I’ve mentioned we got sick right? It started with Kalila’s surprise ear infection. As soon as she got on meds she started coughing and her nose running. A day or two later I had a horrible sinus headache and both of the above mentioned symptoms. It wiped me out for at least the better part of a week. Kalila had it just as long… finally started getting better w/ the last of her meds.


Between getting sick and everything else we hadn’t been to Church in awhile… which just stinks. But we were just well enough to go this weekend. Apparently not well enough though…

Baba was directing so I was on my own w/ Kalila… which was fine until she decided she’d had enough. On the upside she made it the longest she has period w/out acting up (well minus a few random outbursts, like yelling yay after one of the songs lol). All the way through the homily!

Then the fits started… So we went outside to have a talk. And then back inside, then back out, then in, then out, then in, then out… At one point I was chasing her down as she tried to get in the fountain… again.

Right about the time people started going up for Communion I got her to go in quietly (to see Gido.. that got her) but she realized she’d been tricked and started screaming. I was hoping Baba would help, but the song wouldn’t end… and we ended up leaving w/out receiving Communion. By the time I got outside I had had it. She got out of trouble though one of Baba’s aunts was setting up the Folklife signup thing and Kalila ran straight over and climbed up beside her. Probably (more like definately) a good thing because I was way too mad to be disciplining her at that point.

Baba’s directing again next week so I really hope we’re feeling a lot better by then lol. Its a lot easier to deal with when I’m not feeling crappy…


Yesterday Baba needed to go down town to pick up a shirt for Tia Sally & Uncle Buds wedding… So we decided to go walk the river walk for awhile first. I got some cute pics that I just have to share.

We had to show Kalila the ducks.. and Baba noticed the baby before I did lol. I had to get a pic of it though…

And then I got one of Kalila…

Then had to get one of this guy

While we were doing that we saw this…

Yes lots of bird pics… but Kalila loves them.

It was a nice trip though. We all enjoyed it. Kalila ended up napping on the way to the clothing store and didn’t wake up until we were a good ways back to the truck lol.


Got some cute pics the other night… Kalila has discovered the Game Boy


Completely random to anyone not here at this very moment.. but anyone have any cleaning up pee (or worse) tips?

I actually got to the point I considered using a gift card to buy the Little Green carpet cleaner… but despite being eco friendly its still buying chemicals to clean with and we’re trying to stay away from that lol. So I’m being good and doing it by hand, but still uggh.


Baba’s about to take the baby out for awhile… So grateful… I might get what I need to done lol. Does mean that I won’t get this up until after I do because I still need to get the pics up… That’s ok though!

Have to share a couple pics I got of her a sec ago before I end this….


Ok, so I didn’t get back to this until late tonight lol. But I have good news… Our phones came in!

I’ll write more about them later.


And I have a video to share…

A little background first… Kalila has been mimicing everything lately. Lots of new words. They’re just spilling out… Church, window, many Sesame Street names (and I’d have a second video of that, but its having trouble uploading from the camera), Granny, she tried to say Grandpa too but it came out really funny lol, umbrella (well that was brella), so on and so forth… Like I said, lots of new things.

So we were saying our prayers tonight and I thought I’d give this a shot and see what she’d do… Here ya go!


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