Steaming (like) Mad

That steam cleaner I mentioned…

Didn’t get any before pics lol.. but here’s the living room afterwards. I was so proud…

What I wasn’t proud of…

Can you believe I did a huge vacuum job minutes before I pulled that up? Crazy!

I tried to get before/after pics of the kitchen… but they didn’t turn out so well. Here’s the best of the lot though.

The hallway…

Kalila’s room… I just got this done the other day & I already need to go over it again thanks to her having an accident.

Speaking of going over stuff again, I need to hit the living room again too… Kalila’s pulled all sorts of toys everywhere.. it needs to be vacuumed (I haven’t yet today) and then a good steam as well… Esp since we did so much work in here last week after I finished.

So yeah, you can see a lot of what’s been going on here lately lol. Fun Fun!

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