Has not been a good day.

I forgot to put the chicken on before I went to bed last night… So we had to rush to find something for lunch today.. Thankfully Baba stepped in and made Tuna Helper while I got the chicken started so we could have it for dinner.

Kalila has been in a mood all day. It started off w/ fits and not letting me dress her because non of the purple shirts were clean. Thankfully I found one that was, but it was a 4T. Thankfully it isn’t really the size it says and fits her anyway lol.. Baba got her dressed, but she flipped out on him too in the process.

Later I tried to put her down for a nap.. She fell asleep on me for a few min and when I stood to put her in her bed she started mumbling “it hurts, it hurts” and screamed when I laid her down. She wouldn’t tell me what hurt though… I’ve checked her fever since and she has none… Other parts of the day she’s acted just fine, happy and playing so who knows. Keeping an eye on it though.

Then… the apt manager came over. Backing up, our fridge is dying… and we needed a stopper thing fixed on the tub. The maintenance guy saw both.. said he’d look for the tub thing and later told me he found it… and that he could see the prob with the fridge and that he’d look for another one to switch out and if not, he’d fix the seal. No problem. So she comes in and looks around like she stepped in this (sorry Cakerwakers I had to lol, couldn’t think of another place to find something similar). Which I could have understood if someone had just had an accident, but other than a few toys that Kalila had thrown around earlier in the day and the dishes that we’re working on, the apt is perfectly clean and looks pretty good. Anyways, she went back to put the thing into the tub and then came in and put a light in our fridge (it’d gone out too) and looked at it… And told me that it was sealing just fine, she didn’t hear the noises its starting to make, and that the maintenance guy told her that the reason it wouldn’t stay closed was because of what we had in it… (coughbullshit) I seriously can’t stand dealing with her, because she’s like this with me every time… Same lady that tried to tell me that it was ok that Mumble was stung by a Brown Recluse because she gets stung by Scorpions all the time (as if they’re equal) after she lied to the then manager about the severity of what happened to Mumble’s paw and got called on it by him. (Basically she didn’t want him to call out the emergency exterminators for us was the whole deal) Also same lady who talks down to me every time I have to go near her. She does better with Baba (out of fear we think), so he gets to go deal with that tomorrow.

Now I have a stinking headache on top of everything…

Not everything today was bad though…

Kalila showed off her naming colours skill this morning (w/ the lei from Tia Sallies wedding lol).

She’s working on her numbers more too… The other day I caught her saying 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 (but refuses 1,2,3 lol) and today it was 6 through 9. Slowly making her way down to getting them right?

The chicken turned out wonderfully. We used a whole chicken this time and I think I prefer it that way. Whole chicken and the full 40 cloves of garlic. I think we did quarters and only 30 last time… was good, but this was great. Kalila made me laugh though, I thought she had a small piece of chicken left on her plate and pointed it out.. She stuck it in her mouth, pulled it out and said “garlic!” – sure enough it was!

And of course she’s haveing a hard time going down tonight. I’m off…

Oh wait, random cute pic from yesterday lol.


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