Backing Up a Bit

Sorry, I was more than a little upset when I wrote yesterday. But it really wasn’t a bad day….

Earlier we decided to head over to Toys R Us… Not to buy anything, but just look around and have some fun. And we definately did have some fun.

Kalila found a Dora chair and promptly sat down. Later she carried it through the store. Baba had to sneak around and put it back when she wasn’t looking lol.

Why was she distracted enough for that to work? Stuffed animals. We had to get pics of the horse, but she carried around a puppy for awhile after this too.

And before we left she had to sit on the little plane.

It was a really fun little trip out… We had a few groceries to get too, but Kalila was winding down so we were going to come back here and let Baba get them on their own. That’s when we found the note.

Baba did call the police, but they said it wasn’t threatening (even though everyone who read it thinks it is too… is just veiled) and that they could get all that info on an internet search… which still gets us because some of that info shouldn’t have been available and some was slightly off (like would have been true before the truck was broken into but long since changed). Anyways, moot point.

Baba & Neighbor went to the office today though and found out that the car that started it all is not even supposed to be here. And they were disturbed by the letter too, so they made copies and are taking it from there, whatever that means.

So now we’re just being extra careful making sure all locks stay locked (we do that anyway) but still… Am hoping nothing else happens and am glad the office was at least good about it.

Today has been a good day though. Beyond getting that taken care of, I’ve gotten to take a nap (gotta love Baba’s day off lol) and a few things done. All that fun stuff.

Before I go, here’s a few pics I got the other night. I found Kimosimi in Kalila’s bed and then as soon as she saw him she started trying to tuck him in w/ all her animals lol.

Anyways I’ll write more later!


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