Loads of Little Things…

I think most of these have ended up being FB status’ lol… but I know Baba wanted me to share em on here & they are cute so here we go…

The other day Kalila was eating chocolate gram crackers… The little bears. She went up and asked Baba for more when he realized she was just eating the heads off & leaving the rest!

The same day we watched Kung Fu Panda and she started jumping around saying “Hai ya!” Too cute…

This morning Kimosimi sneezed (poor thing has a cold) and Kalila told him “bless you!”. Since then she’s done it anytime anyone sneezes & is just adorable to hear in her little voice.

Her little friend next door gave her a pair of sunglasses. They’re glittery and pink and she’s in love with them… Unfortunately she wants me & Baba to wear them too and doesn’t understand that they won’t fit lol.

The other day she got in a fight w/ me over Baba… I was hugging him & she pushed me off saying “My Baba!”. Of course I had to repeat the statement (I’m mean I know) and we argued back and forth for a few minutes before she pushed me away again, hugged him & said “I love you Baba.”

I’m sure there was more, but I can’t remember now lol.

As for the rest of us here…

Baba starts school on Tuesday.

And me… I should have two bigger posts coming soon. One being on a WAHM job that I’m starting soon. I need to get the paperwork filled out and sent in before I really go into details, but very excited about it.

Before I go… A few pics from yesterday. Kalila was giving Mumble some (unwanted) love. Too cute.. But I felt so bad for Mumble lol.

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