A Solution

Have I mentioned our little big problem with crayons?

Not only is Kalila colouring all over herself…

And other random things around the house…

She’s eating the freakin’ things!!!!

We try to keep them put up… I watch her like a hawk when she’s using them… and still she ends up finding ways to work the things into her diet. And while they may be non-toxic… They make her sick every time! As gross as it is, I wouldn’t mind colourful diapers that much if they weren’t the nastiest diapers I’ve ever seen and if they didn’t cause the worst rashes I’ve ever seen.

Well we’ve been looking into alternatives because its gotten to the point that I dont want her near them, but I do want her to colour… She loves the activity and I know its good for her.

Someone brought up washable markers. Someone else the crayons that you can screw and unscrew (I cant think of what they’re called). And someone else mentioned the markers that only colour on special paper… All good ideas and we’ve looked into all of them.

The markers seemed the best bet at first because they’re decently priced… and I know I can clean up her mess… but I dread the mess they’ll make lol.

The crayons… I’m still half afraid she’ll figure out a way to eat them lol… I need to look at them more.

The special markers also seem great… only the cheapest I’ve seen the set is $10 and while that’s not a lot… its still a lot more than the other options. I’ve been keeping an eye out for a good deal on them though. The other issue I have is while they wont show on other materials… are they still leaving something on there?

All a moot point now though…

One of Kalila’s cousins (well Baba’s really, but still lol) gave her a bunch of hand me down toys yesterday… One of which being a magna doodle. Seriously we hadn’t even thought of those… Baba was so excited when he saw it lol. And Kalila’s over the moon with it. So grateful for that toy… She’s been drawing on all day (and part of last night) and so happy about it. And of course… No mess at all and nothing she can eat!


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