That’s Right…

I guess its about time we fill everyone in lol. We are expecting baby #2…

Before I get to the fun part of this post I do have some serious stuff to cover. Once again, this is not aimed at any one person… Just have to put it out there.

This pregnancy is not a result of NFP being this horrible unreliable thing. Not getting into details, but we did lose our computer at one point this summer… all of my charts and everything was on that computer. While I had backed it all up, unfortunately I did not back it up on disk… Not a mistake I intend to make again lol. Losing all my information and scrambling to stay on top of things caused a lot of stress, my last two cycles were greatly thrown off by this. On top of that I ended up taking Waletussin (or however you spell it, generic Robitussin) – a cough syrup for some congestion I had at one point during my last cycle… As most of you probably don’t know this cough syrup’s main ingredient can increase fertility. I can’t say if any one of those (or all) contributed to this pg, but it’s here.

Now, of course we know that this isn’t the best time for another baby. Baba is still in school for another couple semesters or so… and things are tight. However there is a saying along the lines of “if you wait for the perfect time to get pg you’ll never have a child” and I believe its very true. Will it be hard? Yes… But we are choosing to be happy about this baby. Not saying we haven’t both had our freak-out moments because we have… but still.

On top of that, there are definitely some good things about it (beyond the whole baby thing which is just good in and of itself lol). Beyond the whole financial aspects of it the timing is good. Kalila will be 2 1/2 by the time he or she is born. Not too close together, but a good age difference. She’s already very excited about it and swears up and down that she’s having a sister lol. And of course there’s the fact that I will be 29 around the time the baby is born as well… Not old by any stretch lol (errr at least I don’t think so) but still.

So yeah… points being –

A. NFP is not bad. I trust it completely. Will continue to trust it after this baby is born… Part of me wants to throw in a comment or two about not trying to shove contraception down my throat in here, but the main people who do this don’t read this blog in the first place so I’ll be nice lol.

B. We are happy about this baby no matter what… Granted it is hard to stay that way when you’re constantly seeing people’s disappointed reaction and stuff.. But still.

Ok now on to the happy part of the post lol.

We had our first appointment with the midwife on Tuesday. We decided to wait until then because they said it’s best to wait to 10 to 12 weeks so we could hear the heartbeat (or try) and that before that point we’d just be going over nutrition and morning sickness stuff… It went very well….

We did hear the heartbeat! Just for a few seconds because he or she kept moving lol… But it was still pretty easy to hear & combined with how much I’m showing it caused the midwife to doubt our dates enough to suggest getting an ultrasound to date lol. No complaints here.

Beyond that there were the normal weighing and tests… although I was slightly dehydrated, which caused my veins to shrink and she couldn’t draw blood. So that has to wait until our next visit (which is fine) and I just have to make sure to down a lot of water before hand lol. I am a little aggravated at myself though because I know better than to let myself get dehydrated!

There were also all the questions and stuff… We talked about everything from my morning sickness and history to PPD. Around this point I got my homework too lol. I still need to give Las a hard time… She let me go in not knowing I’d be coming home w/ homework!!! No it’s cool.. I completely understand why. Its a food chart that I’ll need to fill out over 5 days w/ all the foods that I eat during that time.

I think that’s about it for that appointment lol. I have my next Oct 19th.

Now on to the sonogram…

Obviously she wanted it asap because after a certain point its not as useful at dating and we knew I was already 10 weeks. So we went in on Weds.

Ok, so by my chart (which honestly I still trust more) I was 10 weeks 2 days when we went in… Which puts my Guess Date at April 19th. By the sonogram… I was 10 weeks 6 days, putting my Guess Date at April 15th. 4 days difference = basically nothing lol. Either way I should be delivering sometime between mid and late April.

And of course… We did come home with a picture of the little one, who spent his or her time kicking and punching around the whole time… even waved at Baba & Kalila when they walked in the room lol. I have to smile because I can already tell he or she has Baba’s nose (we could tell w/ Kalila too) and really big feet. The ladies doing the thing even commented on that! Anyways, I will leave you with the pic… Sorry if its a little blurrier than it should be… I had to take a pic of the pic w/ the phone lol.


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