Birthdays, Diapers, and Books – Oh my!

Can you believe Kalila is 2? I mean really… wasn’t this yesterday?

Now ya look at her and she’s such a little girl…

We didn’t really do anything special today… Baba’s working so the zoo trip has to be Weds (praying the weather is cool enough so we can go) and the party’s not until next week.

She did get her first cup of cows milk… which she loved. Unfortunately she got so excited about it that she poured some on Kimosimi lol… Then tried to get Mumble too and made an even bigger mess. Definately gonna have to lay down some rules about where she can drink milk lol.

We also had a bit of a surprise when we checked the mail today…

The diapers we won came in!!! Kalila’s very excited about them… Carried them around and wouldn’t let em go for a bit after we opened them lol. Apparently they picked good colours cause she was happy with that too.

We also got a book in the mail from a friend of mine. Keith was one of the guys on the Mission Moshi team the first year I went and we talk on facebook… Kalila just loves seeing pics and video’s of his little boy lol. But yeah, he sent a counting through Tanzania book that I’d seen online and hoped to get at some point. Kalila grinned when I read it to her and tried repeating some of the animal names in Kiswahili. I haven’t started working with her on the numbers yet because I’m determined to get to Arabic first w/ those since I actually know them lol. She’s doing really good w/ English & Spanish though so I need to get on that.

Before I go… trying to get some pics/video’s to put up today too…


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