Bday Zoo Trip

That’s right… It was time for another Bday Zoo trip… We were really excited about this one because we knew Kalila was going to be a lot more into it this time. Last trip she was about 18 months old or so & had fun… but there was still a HUGE difference this time.

It didn’t hurt that several animals were out and about lol… But still. Kalila was up and running from one exhibit to another, pushed her stroller around and named off animals. Her favourites were the monkeys and the fish/hippo exhibit. She enjoyed the kitties too of course, but we had to drag her away from the other two lol. I was just happy because the okapi is back 😀 No it was fun anyway… I loved seeing Kalila get so excited.

Unfortunately I got overheated or something (I did have water I promise) and nearly passed out at one point so we ended up cutting the trip short. Not cool but oh well. I’m gonna put some of my fav pics up on here… not all of them because they’re taking way too long to load for some reason. The rest are all on facebook.

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