The Cake

OK, I’m breaking the party down into several posts to keep it from being too long. Figure I’ll do the cake part first lol.

When we first started planning Kalila’s party we were thinking we’d do a Sesame Street theme.. but not long after me looking into Abby Cadaby cakes Kalila decided she’d moved on & became attached to Dora. As cute as some of the cakes I was looking at were… it actually made things a lot easier for me. One of her favourite characters was the Map, so I figured I’m model the cake after him.

Figuring out what cake to bake was a whole different story though lol. I started out thinking I’d make one test cake a week to figure it out… I knew I wanted it to be healthy, and had an idea that I wanted fruit involved… But at the same time I was worried about that because Las (a cousin who has been making cakes a long time, is great at this) warned me that the icing and stuff could cave in on that type. I was hoping it being whole wheat would help w/ that, but… I wouldn’t know until I tried.

Anyways.. the trial cakes didn’t really work out lol. I made one apple cake that Kalila really liked, but in no way would work. I think I posted about it already. Anyways… since I made that cake Kalila begged (almost dayly) for “apple cake”. So I knew I needed to find one…

Skip forward to this weekend. Friday I still didn’t have a cake recipe… So I went looking and found this Apple Cake Recipe. I sent Baba the link to get his opinion, and was surprised that he said it sounded good… He normally doesn’t like spice cakes or fruity ones or whatever. But he said go for it, I sent the groc list to him & planned to make it Saturday.

Ended up baking Sat night… The cake itself was extremely easy to make. And while it was cooking…. the smell. It smelled wonderful. At that point I started worrying about how it’d turn out a little less lol. The recipe said it’d take 45 to 60 min to bake, so I checked on it after 45 and it was completely done, just perfect. How often does that happen lol. Usually I end up putting them back in for longer… Only issue I had was getting it out of the pan & Baba helped with that.

So then I started in on the icing…

The buttercream was done in notime. Seriously I love the stuff. Is soooo easy to make. I figured I would colour the parts of it I needed the next day since I was gonna do the touch up things right before the party.

And then I started on the Marshmallow Fondant.

Ok… Got the marshmallows melted. Not a problem… Went to add the 1/2 lb of sugar that Las told me I’d need… and I had soup. Obviously something was wrong… We figured not enough sugar… So added sugar until we finally got the doughy consistancy we needed. Was still pretty gooey but ok. Continued on with the recipe from there… Until it was time to roll it out. And it started sticking to everything… even after sprinkling sugar on everything like I was told. Everytime I’d roll it out it’d stick and tear. I finally got it to where I could transfer it and then it’d tear again. One thing after another & at this point it was around 3 in the morning. I was so frusterated. Finally I got it though…

Like I said, I finished up Sunday morning… I’d tried to make the fondant pizza the night before, but it turned out way too pink. Like even the dough part was pink lol. So I redid that first… Still a little pinker than intended, but better than before… Got the Map character, Strawberry Mountains and Cookie Lake situated too. And started in on the buttercream additions… The path was supposed to be red, green & yellow… but the red ended up pink too. So overall the cake was way pinker than planned. Kalila even noticed. The first thing she said was “pink”, quickly followed by “the Map!”

I wish I could have gotten better pics, but apparently my shadow showed up in them and make it look uneven. It wasn’t… Not perfect by anystretch, but not wavey like that lol. I’m hoping that if you click on it to enlarge it you can tell a little better, but we’ll see.

As for the cake itself… It really did turn out good. I’m glad I went with that recipe.

And I’ll post about the rest of the party later!


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