Questions Answers & Stuff

Sorry if I miss anything… have had quite a few questions lately l0l & gonna try to address that. Before I go there let me add that I am planning to put up the rest of the bday pics up asap, I just haven’t felt like getting on here lately lol. I’m still missing a few of the pics too so that doesn’t help.


No we do not know if we’re having a boy or a girl yet… I’m just under 13 weeks now (will be there Monday) and its still way too early to tell.

Yes I will be needing a Rhogam shot, but not until 28 weeks (and most likely again after birth). I wouldn’t have needed one so early last time if not for the probs we had. Thankfully none of that this time, so its not needed. I will need to be tested for antibodies at my next appointment, but we’re not worried about that (nor is my midwife).

No we are not planning a Lotus Birth… I think that’s enough said on that subject lol.

Yes we are planning to cloth diaper this baby from the beginning (and really looking forward to doing so). We’ve decided to go with prefolds again, at least during the newborn stage… mostly anyway (we will prob use pockets at night). As much as I used to gripe about them, we’re stocking up on the Gerber prefolds to start with… but using Thirsties covers for multiple reasons. I love them… and they have the umbilical cutout on their extra small size too. Like I said, I’m really looking forward to starting this from the beginning this time.

Yes Kalila will get to be there…

Speaking of Kalila…

We have started potty training. She actually decided to do so on her own… Very big surprise yesterday when she did so without telling us & even tried to clean herself up! Very proud… Seriously have to thank Tia Sallie for that potty book!

She’s working on numbers… Still refuses to acknowledge 4 in English lol… but she’s doing good. One of her bday gifts were some number cards, so we’re really working on recognizing them in general. Sometimes she gets it, sometimes not lol… But she loves playing with them 😀

She has decided that she likes pink (sigh….). And… is insisting that she wants pink sheets lol. So we may be doing that soon.

Apparently her stuffed horse needed to eat? She took him in the kitchen and laid him in front of the cat food… Silly girl!

Yesterday we had a playdate w/ Khalil. They did the shy thing at first, but by the end were chasing each other around and playing together. Very cute. My fav part was when Julie asked Khalil to do something and Kalila did it instead and then corrected her “Kalila”. She doesn’t quite get Khalil’s name yet.. keeps calling him baby instead.

Which reminds me… She finally will say her name when asked!

Oh good grief… I just heard those giggles and found her closing Mumble in her dresser drawer… I suppose Mumble found it open and climbed inside before Kalila found her… Made for some cute pics though. Btw the blur is because Kalila wouldn’t stop bouncing.

I got a couple really cute video’s the other night. Long story short, she burped and thought the word was hilarious. Her giggles made me laugh so much I had to get a video… unfortunately she got into it w/ Kimosimi at the end (no worries, he didn’t actually get her… but I had to get onto them both) so I had to stop and start up again. The second one is cute too, she did a lot of counting and colours in it.

And I guess that’s where I ‘ll leave ya for now!


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