Little Things…

LOL I’m tired and don’t even know where to start… Lots of cute little stories though. If I can type anyway… Kimosimi is laying across my hands trying to get on the keyboard.. not cool!

At some point in the last week or two (no idea on specific days here)…

Kalila has learned to say up and open in Spanish. Gotta love Dora…

She’s decided that she loves frogs and jumping like a frog.

Has gotten very bossy… We’re having to work on that.

Has started including the number 4 when she counts in English more often than not.

Told me she coloured on the doors in her room because she was mad.

And this one was just a few days ago – I read her the sleeping cat book she loves & had her go page by page afterwards & tell me about it… Was adorable. Most pages she came pretty close, or gave me part of the story… but when George’s cat climbed to the highest branches she said that his panties were broken and he was with the birdie up high.

Yesterday… Kalila was… wow she just did a ton. Most of it adorable and I had to remind myself that it just had to go on here lol.

At one point she was climbing on EVERYTHING…

Then she chased the cats through the apt saying “You can’t get me!!!”

She found a bow hair clip and put it under her chin like a bow tie… I got pics of that, but they’re on my phone and will be awhile before they can be posted.

We went for a walk and she was all kinds of excited about that. When we got to the store I decided to get some fruit & cottage cheese since we were out of fruit and she’d been asking for some. I asked which she wanted, peaches or cocktail & she said very clearly (while nodding her head) “cocktail”.

She showed me how she could bounce like a kangaroo.

Started pouring water from one bottle to another… yes mess involved lol.

Told me that Kimosimi dropped chocolate cake on the wall and made a mess (one of those scuff stains from before we moved here). She tried to clean it too…

Peeled an onion for me when I was cooking dinner…

Told me my meatloaf was yucky… I had to coax her into trying one bite and she refused to swallow… had a horrified look on her face.

And of course lots and lots of running around.

I got these pics yesterday too….


She’s been very happy to have Baba home.

She tried some of my gumbo and made this really funny face while she panted (it was kinda spicy) but then said it was yummy and asked for more.

Tried to put her toothpaste on a toothbrush (not hers).

She tried to run from me (well did run from me… I had to chase after her a good ways) at the groc store and fell against the cashiers wall thing and hit her head, was ok thankfully but cried pretty loudly… Our cashier gave her a balloon to calm her down & it worked… and she’s still playing with it lol.

Sang along w/ Baba and YouTube…. I wish I could have gotten the video earlier when she was singing more, but by the time the batteries were charged she was tired and barely sang. Sorry its so dark too!

I know there’s a ton more I’m missing, but… eh. These were some of my favourite moments anyway (or things that stood out lol).

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