Happy Halloween!

I have to say that this year was a ton better than last lol. Not that we didn’t have fun last year, but still…

Weeks ago Kalila told us that she wanted to be a princess… So when we went to get her costume I picked out all the different ones in her size & let her choose. She picked the “Pirate Princess” one and was very excited about it.. Even knew it was a pirate lol.

We got a few pictures before heading out for the day today…

And here are some more from the first part of the day. We went out w/ Granny to Toys R Us (they had trick or treating, with like 3 booths lol). I wish I’d gotten a pic of her w/ Geoffery because it was adorable.. She giggled… and called him a “Grrf” I didn’t get any at lunch either, would have been nice since we saw some friends there… But I did get some at dinner, a lot at dinner because it was too cute!

We came home after that & planned to trick or treat here at the apartments, but hardly anyone had their signs up (I saw one) and Gido called before we even attempted it. I did take a few pics of Kalila with her late bday gift from Granny.

Kalila LOVED trick or treating… She refused to say trick or treat (she can) but did tell (almost) everyone thank you. She loved the houses where the ones passing out candy were dressed up… and didn’t get scared at the creepy crawling thing at one, but looked at it like she couldn’t figure out why it was doing that lol. She told us that it was fun. She kept talking about the kids running with their pumkins… and started running herself. One house had a puppy that licked her and made her giggle. We almost lost her there, she didn’t want to leave! We actually ended up going longer than planned because she was having so much fun… and then when we did head back, she played with her cousins for awhile and had a ton of fun with that too. And of course she got into candy (not a lot) and even conned a cousin into letting her have another piece after I told her no more.

Didn’t get a pic w/ Gido until we came back here, but I had to get one of them too lol.

I was a little afraid she’d have trouble sleeping since she did have some candy… but no. Told me she was ready, asked for her bed, blanket, Pika & baby… in that order lol. Has been a good night. But now I need to finish weeding out candy she can’t have lol.


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