Our little boy…

I’d put his name up there too, but Jas & I are still trying to figure out which spelling to use lol. He likes Xavier Jason and I like Zavier Jason. We’ll see…

Obviously the ultrasound went well. I don’t like that she did all the measurments w/ me alone and just pulled Baba & Kalila in there at the end…. I also didn’t like that she didn’t say a word while she was doing them. The lady we had last time (w/ Kalila anyway) explained everything on the screen and it was really nice. Even w/ out her saying anything I already knew we had a boy before she officially showed us because of all that. Worse than that was just the waiting while she did the measurments because I had no way to judge if everything was ok or not… I did happen to catch (on the screen of course) that his heart rate was 142 and that he’s still measuring a little big (not by much).

But yeah… We’re really excited.

Sorry about the yellowish tint btw… I had to take a pic of the pic and it came out like that. We did get one other copy, but you can’t really see anything. I love this face shot though.. esp w/ his hands up like that!


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