I Lied..

Well, if you read this blog post a few posts back (which I did just add a comment to at the end lol) you know I had intended on making slight changes to the blog, but nothing crazy… 

Obviously that didn’t happen lol. 

I started out with just those slight changes (actually weeks ago, just late getting around to telling everyone) but today… I don’t know what I was thinking, but I just got that I wanna change things mood going. I’m glad I did though. 

For one thing, it didn’t take much time to do really. I have been working around the house at the same time… playing with Kalila… making dinner.. all that fun stuff. I even have proof of some of that I’ll add below lol. But yeah, it was a fun thing to do during my breaks and stuff… 

And… the part I think I am going to like the most… It makes it easier for me to change things in the future. Every time I have, I’ve lost EVERYTHING. Had to start from scratch… Not fun. Is why I hadn’t planned on changing my background again. This way I’ll still have to redo widgets and stuff when I change it, but I won’t be starting from scratch by far. 

But… of course I am this time… So please have some patience with the links sections. I’m not going to sit down and do them all at once. Just not gonna happen. So it may take awhile. Hopefully not too long. I like my links lol. 

Speaking of… as you can see they are now on seperate pages. Because I use blogger, technically they’re seperate blogs too… but I’m linking them all back here & using them as pages instead. It works right? That’s part of what’s gonna save me when I change things up from time to time… and (another thing I like) it clears up my main page so its not so cluttered. I may change the titles of them, but for now at least this works lol. 

Like I said in the other post… 

I am still going to fix the labels slowly over time. Or continue doing so… Nothing that will be rushed though. 

I’m still excited about the little reactions thing under each post… Not sure how it’ll work out, but.. that’s ok lol. 

I mentioned the buttons and widgets too… I’m not sure which ones I’ll put back on here. Obviously a couple have already made it. Some may make it to the links pages. We’ll see. 

And since I promised… or hinted at… whatever.  Here’s a glimps of my day!

Oh… and another reason I’m glad I did this… the composing page is so much nicer now!

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