Aye Kalila… *Update*

Thankfully we all managed to get a good nights sleep last night. I mention that because its pretty rare lol. Seriously though, Kalila woke up in a really good mood this morning. Always nice right?

Well she almost immediately asked to talk to Granny… So I grabbed the phone, hit her number & passed it along. Is kinda funny to watch cause Kalila gives a running comentary about how the phone is ringing. Anyways, Granny answered & they had a nice talk. About 10 min or so later I got on the phone w/ her too & she told me about their conversation. Apparently Granny was asking her about Christmas and told her that its Jesus’ Birthday… (now keep in mind that she just went to a Bday party yesterday) and Kalila told her that Jesus needs a birthday cake. Too cute!

Then after we all got up she watched Dora’s Christmas Carol… which was actually pretty cute. We got all excited though because they asked which path to take & Kalila answered. So proud… Later on I caught her pretending that her purple tutu was the time travel cape on there. And then… just a little while ago she threw a ball and said “You can’t have it now” in a Swiperish voice and then did his laugh. I’ve heard her do the laugh before, but not the whole bit. 

We’ve also spent quite awhile today working on her room. I still need to vacuum (and would love to steam at some point), but I’m feeling pretty good about it. Got side tracked at one point and started reorganizing her toys too lol. We took a break in the middle and I got this video…  

Got a few pics too…

Tears… She just had me read Love You Forever… That book always makes me cry. And then she started singing “I’ll love you forever” over and over… sniff… 

Ok, need to get those pics/video uploaded & finish the last bits of her room before I have to put her to bed tonight! 

I spoke too soon.

Went in and finished up (mostly) her room and got a couple pics before Kalila came in and decided to be cute.

Clean room…

Pretending to sleep…

Another video, just adorable.

So ready to go to bed there, but after her bath & brushing teeth… go figure she’s fighting it! Uggh. Oh well, at least she’s not running from her clothes anymore lol.


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