Traveling, Parties & Putting Kalila To Work…

Yesterday was one of those days… It was great… but so busy, so much happened that I pretty much fell in bed exhausted when we came home. I probably could have done so immediately (despite it being like 9 lol) had to wait a little longer… 10:30 or 11 is still really early for me though. 

So what happened?

Well, yesterday was really the start of all the Christmas “stuff” for us. We had two major things planned. 1. Going out of town to visit Baba’s Grandmom & Granddad. 2. MYA Christmas party. 

I felt kinda bad about how the day got started lol… As usual we were rushing, but did get out around the time we wanted. It wouldn’t have been too bad except things fell apart about when we left. 

First off we’re in Ammo Trevor’s car… They traded for the week so he could move his stuff. Which is fine… Except his car is really small, none of us fit in it quite right. Seriously none of us… Even Kalila is squished. I think she’d be fine if she was still RF, but her legs were squished by our seats instead. Added to that, I tend to have a lot of problems with motion sickness… isn’t so bad in the truck… The car…. uggh. I started feeling sick as soon as we left.

Then we went to get gas & the card nini said we didn’t have enough in our account. This made no sense to either of us… We finished getting gas, then rushed back here (wasting time of course) to see what the issue was. Must have been there machine because there was exactly what we thought in the account. Scared us pretty good though. 

So we got a late start… and I was still feeling ill. We thought picking up something to in my stomach would help, so we were headed to swing by and do that on the way out… and I couldn’t even make it to where we were going w/out getting sick. It was awful. Thankfully the little bit of food I did eat and a stick of gum did help though and I managed the rest of the trip. 

But yeah… that put us about an hour late. Not cool.

The visit went great though. Kalila did so well during the meal… better than she usually does (other than restraunts, she’s usually really good at those). She did get a little antsy at the end and started making a mess w/ her desert, but I’m just impressed she did as good as she did. They gave her a little pull toy puppy too and she had a blast pulling him around everywhere. She even insisted that he was hungry at one point and pretended to feed him lol. I wish I’d got more pics, but we did get some of her outside climbing a tree w/ Papa. She was very proud of herself for that one lol.

But yeah, despite the way it started, the trip went very well. I’m glad we were finally able to make it up there. 

Didn’t feel like it was much time at all before we had to leave… We knew we’d be late to the party, but thankfully we did make it. Kalila went w/ Gran & Papa to spend some time with them. Apparently she slept on the way home… Not surprising at all. 

The party was a lot of fun too. We made it in time for Pictionary lol. Unfortunately we were exhausted by the time we made it there… and me being a bit shy to begin with that made that a little worse. I’m still glad we went though. It was fun… and nice to get to talk to friends/family, esp ones around our own ages lol. Once agian it seemed like we had to rush out though because we had to pick Kalila up. 

That was the end of yesterday pretty much… So what’s the putting Kalila to work bit? LOL Not really but she took it upon herself to clean the bathroom this morning. I walked in to find a layer of baking soda covering the entire room! Poor Mumble was even covered in it.. 

Anyways, Kalila’s being a little clingy right now so I’m gonna head off.


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