Christmas Eve

Well this year is gonna be a little different, but that’s ok. Poor Baba has to work though… I feel bad for him (although we have been able to chat on facebook most of the evening lol), but he’s off tomorrow so that’s gonna be great.  Unfortunately it means no Midnight Mass this year… We’ll go tomorrow morning instead. 

The one thing we couldn’t put off though is the Christmas Eve gift. We started a tradition last year (ok, so we did it last year & wanted to make it one lol) of buying PJ’s for Kalila and opening them on Christmas Eve.  At some point as a kid I’d started opening one gift the night before & liked it, wanted to do the same & this seemed the perfect twist on it. This way Kalila (and future little ones lol) can wear them that night. We thought it was cute anyway. 

And since Baba couldn’t be here this year… I got it on video, so yall get to see her reaction too! I wish I’d had the camera ready when she saw the tree lit up for the first time, I just hadn’t plugged it in yet this year… She got so excited. Here’s one I got of the tree as soon as I could though lol.

The video of her finding and opening her gift is probably enough though. I really don’t even need words here… I love it! 

And a few pics I got afterwards…

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas! 


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