Training Pants

Hmm… I seriously thought I would have done one of these on this subject by now. I guess not. Silly me… 

I don’t even remember when we started looking at training pants. I could figure it out because I do know I mentioned that at some point… not really worth looking up though. 

What we ended up settling on were Potty Patties (once again from their website, not my pic). Note that link is not where we got them.

I like them… I really do. They work. Not having tried Gerbers I’m not 100% sure its worth having to buy online… but the Gerber ones do look a lot thinner.  If we need to buy anymore I might try them just to see… Honestly I can see some advantages to holding less, even if these are more convienent to me. 

We did almost go with some AIO trainers… Gerber makes some that are waterproof, but the cost was so much more…  Not as much as the Super Undies (although I like the look of those lol) or Snap EZ or any others of that style I’ve seen. Plus they (the Gerbers) still have that same problem that their covers have… They’re made of vinyl… not breathable, breaks down easily, etc… I know they’re great on leaks… (remember us using them for diaper covers back when? LOL Nothing escapes!) So that’s a plus, but not sure its worth it… 

Cost wasn’t the only thing (or even the main thing) we considered there though… those bits at the end were a big part of cutting out anything w/ vinyl. Plus there’s the whole too much like a diaper thing going on. Lately I’ve been kinda wishing for that, but overall I don’t see that as something we really want in a pair of training pants.. .at least us personally. Now for nights it might be nice…

So we’re happy with the ones we chose, but not entirely sure we’ll get them again… We have bought a lot (err a few packages) of “big girl panties” though… She wears those more often than the training pants really and I think she does better in them. Harder on me when there’s a problem lol, but still.


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