Oooo Clothes

Ok, so I couldn’t wait to take modeling pictures… Hopefully I’ll get some of them up soon too lol. 

Long story short, Kalila got some Christmas money awhile back and after talking about it we decided that what she really needs is some new clothes. She did get some at Christmas, but most of them (like most of her Bday clothes, and most of the ones before that lol) are very summery and just not geared for the weather we’ve been having.  Poor thing has been having to wear the same things over and over (and poor mommy has extra laundry lol), some of which she’s outgrowing…  We’ve tried to pick up things here and there, but still we figured this was perfect. 

Beyond that we’ve been meaning to go for about a week now… things kept coming up. But today we did and once again perfect timing, Old Navy had a sale going!

I thought this one was adorable. They had another w/ hearts that was pretty cute too, but I figure this one was a little less Valentines Day ish and would work for longer… Kalila seemed to like it too.

Another one I fell in love with… Why couldn’t they make this in my size? LOL No, Kalila liked it too… She still really likes purple. And it should go w/ most of her pants. 

A new pair of jeans… 

Another cute shirt. 

Not sure why the lighting on this one is off… I had a very good reason for picking this shirt though. Remember those clothes that its too cold to wear? I can put this one under them… Most of her other shirts here have patterns that won’t let us do that. I think that purple one above might work for it too. We’ll see.

And PJ’s… We found footie ones first with this pattern and had grabbed them until we saw these. Much better for potty training… 

Another set… When we had the footie ones, the second set had hearts… but Kalila liked these more lol.  

Thinking about it now, I wish we’d picked up a pair of leggings or two as well… but that’s ok. 
So now I’m busy washing again lol.

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